Interview - Meosha Bean Of M.V.B Films
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Aug 12, 2012

Interview - Meosha Bean Of M.V.B Films

Can you tell us a bit about your channel/business?   
My channel name is Meoshabean1 My business name is M.V.B Films Productions M.V.B Films is my company I formed in 2003.We make short films music videos tutorials on film making..also we do collab with other talented filmmakers.I've also work with many celebrities.One that includes the famous boxer Roy Jones Jr.There is no limit to what we create. I do it all.

How long have you been making videos?
I've been film making for 15years now.Started at the age of 7.

How many people are usually involved with making your videos?
I come up with all of my projects. Sometimes I listen to music and it comes to me.It's usually just me shooting on the camera. It depends on the project.I also edit my work.I had to learn how to edit when I was younger because my sisters and brother didn't have time to help me. I am glad I did.

Do you have any fear of being on camera?
I love being on camera. Since I was a child I love being the center of attention.
I remember recording myself, pretending I was a news anchor. My family would call me dramatic.
Everything I do is over the top. So my parents figured they'd take me to acting classes and then I enroll in to acting and modeling school. I guess I needed a place to release it all.

For new video makers who are new to being on camera. The best way to overcome your fear of being on camera would be imagine there is no one in the room that it's only you and darkness.Close your eyes just for a second and then perform.

Have you tried any tricks for getting more views?
I rely on quality content.I guess because I don't know any tricks.
I have a facebook and myspace and twitter. It works but I expect more.

Facebook -- MVB-Films - /ActressMeoshaBean
Youtube --- /MEOSHABEAN1
Twitter ---/MVB_films