How to Get your Internet Talk Show Heard
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Aug 26, 2012

How to Get your Internet Talk Show Heard

Setting up an internet talk show can be a fun and interesting way to get your voice out to the public. It allows you to access a niche audience to bring some debate around topics you and like-minded people are intrigued about. With many programs allowing you to record and edit your work, the process of building the shows is by far the easiest step.
With planning and preparation, a plethora of high profile guests and well thought out debate, a talk show can be appealing to a wide market of listeners. But the question is how to get that message out to them.
The internet is a vast space of opportunity with millions of viewers, surfers, listeners and consumers poised for new information. With the rapid growth of podcasting, it has become more and more popular for people to seek out new shows and to try their hand at their own shows. Although this creates more chance of an audience, it also develops stronger and harder competition and the drive for success is ever more aggressive.
So how do you make yours stand out? How do you appeal to a mass audience to create something that will be passed along the stream of communication spewing out over the internet?

A Professional Looking Platform of Your Own

By designing your own website or blog to distribute your talk show from is highly important. Firstly, it gives a professional front to your talk show. The impression of professionalism and organization bodes well with listeners looking for credible information. By building a strong website, you have the opportunity to build a reputation by appearing less amateur and more well-practiced in your field.
A website also gives you a location to describe what you’re hoping to get across in your talk show. It gives an outlet for you to note down your ambitions for the show, where you want it to go, the purpose of the creation and an appeal to future listeners. It allows you to provide listeners with a schedule for your shows and a link for them to pass on to other potential audience members.
Lastly, by obtaining your own web domain, it gives you a place to provide contact details to your audience members. As your show should recognize listeners for their potential in opinions and content provision, it gives them a forum to contact you with their questions, ideas and queries. This allows you to get in touch with them to create the personal touch – one of the core attributes of a successful talk show host. It also gives you a domain to receive questions you can use on the show to spark debate and include the audience in your discussions.

Spreading the Word on Social Networking

Social networking has become one of the key sustainable sources of information on the internet in the past few years. Many web surfers use sites such as Facebook and Twitter as their resources for discovering news and information regarding topical events worldwide. It is also a forum to uncover new forms of entertainment and to find out what their peer groups are raving about.
By having social media profiles on suitable networks, it allows you to provide up to date information regarding your show on a frequent basis as well as discussing topics in real time with your listeners.
Another advantage of social media is helping to promote your show and send it viral through the organic process of sharing. Users of social networking sites will be able to pass on your links, comment on your posts and like and share your information with their followers, friends, etc.
Additionally, social media is now recognized by search engines spiders as a viable source for understanding the popularity of web pages. If people are discussing your work on social media networking sites, it will push your webpages further up search engine rankings allowing greater visibility to your talk show, in turn leading to more hits on your website and more listeners to your show.

Get Shoutcasting

The term ‘shoutcasting’ refers to a platform for streaming media over the internet. Shoutcast websites that refer to online talk shows can also be called Internet Radio Stations. They’re basically a large directory of online talk shows that can be accessed through an indexed browsing and search system. This means people interested in finding a new talk show can search these directories for a category of their choice.
Two big directories which are key to getting your voice heard are Listen2MyRadio and TalkZone. Both offer free and paid-for packages which allow you to upload audios or videos and allow listeners to search for you, understand what you’re about and listen to your shows unfold and progress. You just upload your homemade recordings, no professional DJ equipment needed, and listeners can tune in and stream your radio shows.

Podcast Directories

Lastly, podcast directories are a creative way to get your talk show out the public. Using websites such as Podcast Alley and Podcast Pickle are very similar to Shoutcast websites and put your audios into browse-able directories where listeners can download your recordings and listen to them when it most suits them.

Author Bio: Emily Jenkins is a freelance writer with a passion for all things techie. Whether she’s trying to rewire some kind of electrics using a ‘wiki’ guide or getting to grips with DJ equipment using, she’s most happy with a technical problem in front of her and delving in her brain to find the solution.