Giant Python & Bizarre/Funny Videos Roundup
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Aug 14, 2012

Giant Python & Bizarre/Funny Videos Roundup

Thanks for all the Tubestories, Guest Posts, and interviews you send!

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This Python Ate Something Huge!

In the city limits of Bangkok, Thailand and huge reticulated python is seen near a children's school. Authorities are called and they chase down the huge snake and kill it. After loading it into a truck, they take it to a side street away from the kids and spread it out. What did this gigantic snake eat? A kid? A big dog? The authorities cut the snake open to reveal what is inside. Really Big Python

Thanks to Adam Wildest  for sharing this video

Now added to the Best Of Youtube Animal Videos Playlist !

Cugine Studios Introducing Bathroom Man!

And a top hit music video!

A couple of bizarre/funny Cugine Studios videos in our inbox.
They make some funny stuff, check them out!