Apple Breaking More Boundaries with its TV
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Aug 10, 2012

Apple Breaking More Boundaries with its TV

Apple Breaking More Boundaries with its TV
Everyone loves their iPods, iPads and iMac computers, but Apple’s not stopping with those popular and pricy toys.
There’s a market the computer industry giant hasn’t tapped yet, and according to reports, the company is getting ready to remedy that situation by creating an Apple television set.
Early reports are saying the television will be called iTV and would include a voice-activated Siri system among many other amenities. It’s said the newest Apple venture will be unveiled to the world in 2013.
Will the new TV be a successful part of the Apple electronic family? With a flat screen Sharp brand monitor and gossip the TV will make cable virtually disappear, Apple experts are awaiting more news of this exciting new product launch.
It’s even said the TV will automatically show ads for those products you’re most likely to be interested in. For car enthusiasts, they’d see a commercial for CJ Pony Ford Mustang parts, whereas women might see Almay makeup products.
What Would Be The Best-Case Scenario?
Apple experts are hoping the television will carry popular media sites such as Netflix and Hulu, enabling the content to download directly to the television set. Other networks may or may not jump on board.
Another thing users will like about the futuristic television set will be the Siri voice control. Imagine changing the channels or recording a program without the familiar remote control we are all so used to … you’ll simply issue a voice command directly to the TV set! This alone may make non-Apple users converts to this cool new product.
The technology that Siri brings to phones may be even more optimal for television sets. There are endless possibilities of what this could do as far as commands such as viewing movies or shows, hearing music, recording programs or finding out about dynacorn.
The Bad Thing
As with any piece of electronic equipment that is high quality and comes with lots of cool trappings, customers can expect to pay a high price to own one of these high-tech TV sets.
How much? Who knows, but the Apple desktop computers with their fancy monitors run at least a couple thousand dollars. Will it be worth it? Only time will tell as more is announced about this brand-new addition to the Apple family of products.
Steve Jobs’ Role
Late Apple mastermind Steve Jobs was working on the TV and had apparently discovered the key to the perfect interface. According to the New York Times, Jobs discovered that getting rid of the remote would ultimately enhance the viewers’ experience and create a more interesting, functional and easy-to-use TV set.
Will It Succeed?
People are still adjusting to flat screen, HDTV, and now, 3-D technology in the world of television. Would consumers embrace such a big change when they are so used to the remote control in their hands? Would Apple revolutionize television-watching the way they have revolutionized music, phones

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