4 Crazy Celebrity Car Accidents
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Aug 27, 2012

4 Crazy Celebrity Car Accidents

We’re a culture that is fascinated by celebrities and just about everything they do—the good, the bad, the ugly. Paparazzi photos of wild events and police mug shots seem to rate especially high on the celeb gossip scene, which is probably why tales of crazy celebrity car accidents are so addicting. Here are 4 for your “enjoyment”.

1. Lindsay Lohan

We can’t help but be infatuated with LiLo, who somehow morphed from the adorable tween in Disney’s The Parent Trap remake into a drinking, drugging train wreck. Lindsay has had so many run-ins with the law that it’s hard focusing on just one, but a 2005 car accident made headlines because she was not under the influence at the time. While being chased by the paparazzi after a shopping spree, Lindsay crashed her Mercedes convertible into the side of a van. Its driver had to be taken to the hospital while Linds snuck into a nearby store to hide from cameras.

2. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is another former Disney darling who did a complete 180 after leaving the early 90s Mickey Mouse Club revival. Thankfully the pop queen seems to have her life back in order, but Britney definitely went through a rough patch chock-full of personal struggles—um, hello, shaved head? In early 2006, Brit was photographed driving with her son in her lap rather than a car seat, and she struck a Nissan in stop-and-go traffic later that same year. A 2007 parking lot crash was dismissed after she paid the car’s owner an undisclosed sum, and just two months later she plead guilty to driving without a valid license.

3. Paris Hilton

Maybe a $300,000 vehicle isn’t a big deal to someone whose last name is displayed on hotels across the globe, but we little people were in shock when Paris Hilton’s then-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos lodged her Bentley Continental GT underneath a parked truck in a nightclub lot. The pair was pulled over by the cops shortly after he backed out and drove away. Paris herself has had plenty of other fender benders and traffic mishaps—many involving drugs and alcohol. One particular doozie? She crashed into her Barbie-pink Bentley with her own Cadillac Escalade in her own driveway.

4. Tiger Woods

They say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!” and Tiger Woods’ ex certainly agrees. The good-looking golf pro was reportedly confronted by then-wife Elin Nordegren with reports of an affair before he drove off in his Cadillac SUV in November 2009. Distracted by the accusation, Tiger roared into a fire hydrant and hit a tree. Elin made matters worse by smashing the Escalade with a golf club several times as Tiger drove away. Not surprisingly, the duo has been officially divorced since August 2010. Tiger’s eventual admission of infidelity—with multiple women—caused him to lose his wife as well as advertising gigs with companies including AT&T, General Motors, Gatorade, TAG Heuer, and Gillette.

Car accidents are usually not a laughing matter, especially if serious injuries were involved, but celebrities certainly have a way of adding a bit of craziness into the mix. Drive safely!

Author Bio: Chris Turberville-Tully is a marketing strategist for HR Owen, a luxury car dealership in the UK. HR Owen offers new and used cars including BMW, Ferrari, Audi, Mini, Lotus, Bentley, and Aston Martin.