10 Really Odd and Seemingly Pointless Professions
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Aug 11, 2012

10 Really Odd and Seemingly Pointless Professions

There are plenty of jobs out there which come across as confusing or a bit weird, but what about those jobs which you wouldn’t ever think are classed as jobs? We’re talking about the jobs which are odd, weird and baffling. Here are some of the best.

Poo removal

credit: jilliancyork

That’s right; someone out there has a job which involves the removal of dog poo. More than that, it’s a successful franchise which has rolled out in the US to great fan-fare. DoodyCalls – nice name – specialises in the removal of dog poo from homes for a certain fee per month. It’s a great idea, but surely a job that nobody aspires to.


credit: m a l e n a

Who doesn’t love a good cuddle when times are lonely? A snuggle with a partner or a simple long cuddle can often make people feel a lot better, and that’s where Jacqueline Samuel comes in. Her business in New York’s Rochester area has one unique selling point… and it’s quite an odd one. What she does, for a living, is gives people hugs. In a totally non sexual way, you pay $60 per hour for constant cuddles and hugs off Jacqueline, who, we’re guessing, must enjoy giving some plutonic love.

Weed farmer

Don’t worry; this is the legal version of weed growing. Weed farmers are real, they are legal and their sole existence is to provide weeds to the Horticultural Schools and Labs for research purposes and experimentation. Thankfully, we’re on about actual weeds – not the slang term for marijuana – but it’s still an odd occupation to have.

Furniture tester

credit: msuttonlong

Are you lazy? Would you rather sit down all day than go to work? While there are loads of people in the world who can’t be bothered working, there is one job almost everyone would have a go at if they could. So, the job? Well, believe it or not, there is a job dubbed as a furniture tester. Yes, this is real and no, we’re not lying. The job description is pretty self-explanatory; you test furniture all day. Can’t be bad!

Fancy a bit of adultery?

credit: 57th St. Incident

Ever looked at your partner and thought “I’d love to cheat on you?” Then, thanks to Ashley Madison, you can, with the dating website bearing the man’s name. Baring the rather blunt headline “Life is short, have an affair”, this dating website is simply for married people who want an affair. It’s ridiculous to think someone could be making a living from something as taboo as cheating.

Eyewear for dogs

credit: LeBichHa2222

Who hasn’t looked at their dog and thought “my god, you need some cool sunglasses”? We’ve all done it, and now we can divulge in our glasses for dogs fantasy with doggles.com. That’s right; doggles.com. This site has been talked about on US news programmes and is now, apparently, a million dollar company. Insanity.

Missing work

credit: Perfecto Insecto

Out of work? Sucks doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry, because the owner of this business managed to make it big by creating a business which sells absence notes for missing work. For all your excuse letter needs, the $25 per note business is one weird way of making a living. Plus, you’ve got to wonder where the ethics are with this one.

Dog wigs

credit: istolethetv

Dogs again! But this time, someone has decided that they can make a living by selling us wigs for dogs. Yes, you did read that right. Wigs for dogs. What is the world coming to?

Bacon everything!

credit: Dinenr Series

Love bacon? Who doesn’t, right? Well, now you can satisfy your every bacon need with a site which specialises in bacon – and bacon only. Fancy some bacon flavoured soda? No problem. Fancy sending some bacon to a friend for their birthday? Again, no problem whatsoever.

Avatar… for when you’re gone

We’ve all been there: you’re sat at home, thinking of death and you wonder “why can’t I create virtual avatars of my entire family so future generations can look and interact with them”. It’s a common thought many of us have, and now, thanks to a company called Intellitar, you can finally live out this dream!
Jokes aside, we can’t decide if this is a good job or not. Surely making avatars of people who are dead is a bit grim?

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