YouTube vs Regular Television
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Jul 29, 2012

YouTube vs Regular Television

A couple of decades ago we couldn’t even imagine our lives without TV.
It had its indisputable reasons. The majority of population got the vast amount of information from TVs.
We were learning about new products only by watching the ads concerning the company, we were watching movies, cartoons, TV shows and even when we liked them we had the opportunity to record them in order to watch them later hundreds of times, show them to the others and enjoy them every time we saw them .
We thought that this is the top and nothing could be better.

 But later the internet appeared and we betrayed our best friend –TV, leaving it alone with elderly and found a new one – Internet, which enabled us to use websites that showed us everything online. We could watch anything we wanted at any time. Gradually the social media developed and the most popular online platform YouTube was launched in 2005. Since then arguments are held- which one is better TV or YouTube. Of course the majority of users are young and they will assuredly say that YouTube is better and will give their reasons.

The time factor plays a predominating role in this argument. YouTube is available at any time you want to watch. If you are away it is available everywhere you want to watch, just find the wireless connection and finally it is available on your cell phone. NO restrictions are put there and anyone cat enter here and watch videos according to their interest. Everything is sorted out here. Any member of your family can watch a video and get the information he requires from YouTube. You want to entertain your children and don’t know how- here it comes to help-find all the cartoons of the world and let them watch it successively. Want to listen to your favorite singer’s latest song and watch the music video, here again Youtube comes to help. Have just got an interesting video and want to share it with your friends-post it on Youtube, the more views you get the more famous you are. Want to know anything about your favorite product- here the ads will be found.

 And what do you think you lose doing it? Nothing, you don’t even need to pay money, just sign up here and add and watch as many videos as you can. So with these simple explanations I assure you that YouTube is better, faster and more qualified than TV.

Guest Authior Bio: My name is Roman and if you want to know more about me visit the website or clickhere.