True Brand Dedication
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Jun 11, 2012

True Brand Dedication

Branding is everywhere today, and we’ve learned to live with it. Go on, just take a look around and see how many different brand-identifying logos you can see. Lots, right? Well, it seems that some people just aren’t satisfied with seeing the names of their favourite products everywhere, so they take to permanently marking them on their flesh, too. Here’s a little collection of people who might have taken their love for stuff just a bit too far.

Crazy for Coors

This dedicated fan of Coors beer is not ashamed to show off his love for the brand. There are more conventional ways to get yourself a six pack, though, and I think this guy clearly missed the point. It is quite well-defined, though. Also, surely he could have picked a better brand of beer?

Mad for Mario

It was an iconic game of the 1980s and this fan wants to display his affection for the brand by wearing it around his neck. In terms of job interviews, this guy is going to need a good supply of turtlenecks or it’s most likely going be ‘game over’ for his career prospects.

Born to be Wild

Being a biker, I guess an impressive array of tattoos comes with the territory. This is an unequivocal expression of what the famous American bike manufacturer means to him. This is one that won’t fade away that easily.

I'm Loving It

Ok, this has to be one of the weirdest choices for a tattoo, especially one of this size. It’s hard to see why anyone would want to display their love of Big Macs and chicken nuggets with such bravado. Idiot!

Apple to the Head

This strategically placed logo will certainly turn heads. Apple is one of the world’s most influential brands. ‘Here’s to the Rebels’? Newsflash: tattooing one of the world’s biggest brand names onto your arm doesn’t make you a rebel.

Serious Automotive Admiration

Everyone knows what you're getting with a BMW, but is having the emblem emblazoned on your skin really necessary? We suppose this guy is just that big a fan of German efficiency.

True Merc Love

Another German car fan, but this guy falls on the Mercades side of the tracks. We can't help but feel that this man has made a rash commitment to a single brand that he might live to regret!

Dell? Really?

This is a seriously committed lover of Dell computers. There’s nothing subtle about this one. It’s bold, brash and certainly stands out. The colour adds to the quality and originality. Really, though, why dell?

Just Do It

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