iPad: A Tool for Photographers
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Jun 14, 2012

iPad: A Tool for Photographers

Img Credit: 2.0 Via Flickr
The iPad is many peoples’ first choice when it comes to tablets, as the combination of its sleek design and multi-purpose applications are particularly appealing. However, it’s not usually associated with professional photography. More photographers are starting to realise what a versatile tool it actually is, as it enables them to transfer, view and edit images on the go. The iPad has a multitude of amazing digital photography functions, including apps that allow you to shoot wirelessly and even perform fairly complex editing. Here are some more ways that the iPad can revolutionise your photographic toolbox.
Seamless transfers
You don’t have to wait until you get home in order to transfer your images onto your desktop. The iPad comes with a built-in Camera Connection Kit, which allows you to connect your SD card or USB camera cables (TerryWhite.com). There’s no need to install programmes or worry about device or card compatibility, as Apple ensures that everything works automatically. According to photographer extraordinaire Terry White, the only draw back is that compact flash cards don’t work on the iPad, but you can get special readers to do the job. There is also the ├╝ber-convenient option to shoot wirelessly, straight into your iPad, using an Eye-fi card.
Mobile planning, editing and viewing
Tablets are all about being mobile, so it makes sense that editing and viewing images on the iPad are possible while on the go. All experts agree: If you have heavy-duty editing to do, it can wait until you’re in front of your desktop. But for smaller jobs, the iPad has a number of apps to help you edit, from simple cropping and sharpening to more involved tasks like adding text or even layers (digital-photography-school.com). For instant client viewing, nothing could be simpler than using the built-in photo slideshow function. Terry White even uses apps to plan his modelling shoots, which he can show to the models on the spot, so that they know what to expect.
A 10”1 Portfolio
Many photographers are also starting to realise that, thanks to the iPad, they don’t need to lug around heavy paper-based portfolios. According to photographer Darren Carroll (blog.photoshelter.com), the iPad makes an excellent mobile portfolio, as it’s backlit, which makes ambient light a non-issue. Its high screen resolution, combined with wide-screen viewing capabilities, allow for multiple people to look at it. You can also customise your portfolio with apps, so it can be shown to anyone on the spot.
These are just a fraction of the iPad’s photo functions. If you want to increase your mobility and not have to leave all your editing or viewing for your desktop, then the iPad is the answer. Start learning more about its versatility by taking a short course. It’s guaranteed to transform the way you work as a photographer!
Ang Lloyd writes on behalf of Now Learning, an online education portal that promotes a wide range of online and classroom-based learning opportunities, including photography courses and counselling diplomas.