The Fountain Pen, still Mighty in the Face of Technology
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Jun 11, 2012

The Fountain Pen, still Mighty in the Face of Technology

Does anyone remember that proud moment in primary school where you finally are allowed to put down the pencil and pick up your first fountain pen? I remember the pride and glee I felt on that day. Although at that age things were a lot simpler, and these days I can’t remember the last time I picked up a fountain pen, but every time I do, that feeling still rushes back to me from that day.

You would think that in a modern world of e-mail and text messaging that the fountain pen would almost be an extinct chosen method of taking down notes, therefore sales would be non-existent and fountain pen companies would drop off the face of the earth. But it just seems that certain items in this forward thinking world are just timeless, with the fountain pen being one of them. The humble fountain pen has actually seen a recent revival in the face of this technological world, almost to say that if it can thrive in these conditions, where generally e-mail is the first port of call for communication, then it can continue to be a timeless item in the future.
Many retailers are noticing an increase in sales of the fountain pen. The world known company Parker, who have been making pens for the last 12 decades say they have noticed a significant rise in sales calling it resurgence in the demand for fountain pens. Even online retailer Amazon says that their sales in fountain pens have actually doubled since January.
The question that needs to be asked is why the fountain pen? Why are people selecting this form of writing instrument over others such as the biro or pencil? One of the first reasoning’s are people say that it makes your handwriting look better. In fact I would actually agree with this, I believe my handwriting actually worsened in the transition to secondary school due using a ballpoint pen over the fountain pen. The second reason is professionals like to use fountain pens for signing their name, for example contract signing or any document that requires a signature. This leads onto my third reasoning of the prestige feeling, many people buy this as executive gifts, just because it is in those types of job roles that you would expect to see someone with a fountain pen. Fountain pens have always had that executive feeling about them; this is confirmed by the executive price many of the high quality fountain pens carry.
In my opinion whether you’re buying for a gift, or for yourself, whether you’re an executive or a teacher, everyone appreciates fountain pens, they appreciate how they write, how the feel and how they make you feel. Again taking you back to what I said at the beginning, many people must get that feeling every time they write with a fountain pen, that nostalgic feeling that takes them back to their school days, and this is simply the reason why fountain pens are timeless.
Christopher Smith, Digital Marketing Executive at BTC Group, Promotional Merchandise Specialists since 1977 and Distributer of Promotional Pens. Christopher loves to blog in wide choice of areas, from marketing, to current trends, technology and even at times politics.