Bizzare Fake, Bootlegged and Unlicensed Games
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Jun 11, 2012

Bizzare Fake, Bootlegged and Unlicensed Games

Bizarre Fake, Bootlegged and Unlicensed Games
Ever wondered what Pokémon would look like if it made its way onto Sega Megadrive? Or even what Mario would look like if it was played as a first person shooter? I can tell you right now that these games have actually been created, amongst other monstrosities, as a result of computer game programmers having far too much time on their hands. In this article there are a variety of games that quite frankly, well…shouldn’t exist. But they do. Are we better or worse for it? Well, you can decide that for yourself.
Kart Fighter (NES)
Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Mario Kart together with Street Fighter?  It’s probable that your answer is ‘no’. However, believe your square-eyed television abused eyes or not – it’s been made. Utilizing Mario Kart characters in the style of Street Fighter, some Japanese nutcase has taken things to the next level by creating one of the strangest beat-em-up pirated games in existence. However, it’s slightly disappointing to see there are no special ‘banana-punch’ moves (or any kind of flinging banana moves) in the gameplay.
Harry Potter (NES)
This is one of the unlicensed games which the programmer has clearly not put hardly any effort into. With a soundtrack that could result in you wanting to rip your ears off, you play as Harry Potter. But wait! Our ‘young ‘Arry’ is a taekwondo expert? And is fighting sumo wrestlers off by the dozen!?!  Sounds like a much better film than the whole series put together… Alas, it’s such a shame the game looks, and most certainly is, terrible.
Pokemon 2 (Sega Genesis)
In this unlicensed game, Pikachu somehow sneaks his little electrifying paws onto the Sega Genesis. And God, does it look awful. In this game you play as Pikachu, swerving your way around futuristic bar stools and pianos trying to escape other poorly designed Pokémon. As terrible as it looks, it was probably a big hit in Japan, as they do have a rather ‘special’ taste in games.
Iraq War 2003 (Sega Megadrive)
One of the riskiest titled bootleg games that the gaming community has to offer. The only reason why it hasn’t caused any serious offence is because the game is truly appalling, and as a result unplayed - offending the gaming industry more than anything. In this poor excuse for a fan-made video game, you fight off the American forces trying to invade Iraq – gunning down paratroopers from the sky. Instead of playing this game, someone should find the creator and shove the cartridge right up his ‘gun turret’ (just kidding!).
Streets of Rage Remake (PC)
This truly is a one hell of a fan production to be proud of. Streets of Rage REMAKE. The Streets of Rage games are some of the best side-scrolling beat em’ ups the gaming industry has ever had to offer. And what some clever chap has done is put all three of these glorious games into one. Not only that, new moves, enemies and stages are brought to the table – accompanied with 70 remixed level soundtracks. As an added bonus, you even have your own Streets of Rage ‘level creator’ flung in there also. This game without a shadow of a doubt looks the nuts.
Super Mario World (Sega Genesis)
Super Mario arrives at the Sega Genesis, complete with hilarious music and Mario collecting diamonds instead of coins. Brilliant.
Digimon 4 (NES)
Digimon 4 will seem to many people a straight pokemon rip-off (albeit on the NES), a role playing game where you battle monsters. Play as many characters (in the video the player selects a very happy-looking Tai) and take them through a Digi-world of forests and underground tunnels. A very weird Japanese, totally illegitimate game.

Super Obama World!! (PC)
What do you get when you mix Habbo hotel sprites, Super Mario and Barack Obama? Super Obama World of course! Collect coins (to probably fund political campaigns!), American flags and jump on pigs (why not?). If you’re looking to waste time for ten minutes whilst your boss goes to the toilet, go to and play away!
Hans Solo Adventures (PC)
Ever played games the original Monkey Islands, Maniac Mansion, Loom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Sam & Max hit the road? If you haven’t, you should. All these games were created by Lucas Arts using the SCUMM engine (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion), and are all hilarious point-and-click masterpieces. Well, some hard-core Star Wars fan has decided to use this SCUMM engine to cook up his very own SCUMM Star Wars game. It isn’t complete yet, but by the looks of the work-in-progress video it looks simply incredible. Check out his twitter for updates @hansadventures
Darkwing Duck 2 (Super Contra)
It looks as if Michael Bay takes on Darkwing Duck in this bizarre unlicensed game. You play as Mr Duck, shooting a weird laser/bubble gun onto on coming Yoshi’s and Donkey Kongs. Hmm.
Super Mario Bros in 1st Person
Not so much an individual computer game, but still great none the less. Some rapscallion programmer utilizes the Half-Life 2 engine to the very maximum and creates a first person shooter version of Mario. This is complete with original Mario music, mystery boxes and creatures from Half-Life 2 which you can batter with a crowbar. This sort of is a first person Splatterhouse game, mixed in with some surreal Super Mario gold.
This rundown of the amusing world of imitation games was researched by Alton Towers Breaks, hoping you'll feel the need to feel the wind on your face soon enough!