Top 5 Android Apps to Share Your Favorite
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May 1, 2012

Top 5 Android Apps to Share Your Favorite

1) Easy Tether
One of the top 5 android apps to share your favorite is the easy tether. It is basically an alternative to Wi-Fi. It is an essential feature which gives you an opportunity to connect your phone to a computer. This is very awesome as it ensures that you can share your phone internet with a computer.
The most important thing is to ensure that you have subscribed to unlimited data to your phone to enjoy this service. You can therefore, use your PC anytime of the day or night as you want.
This is one of the reasons why many people have opted to use this service. Apart from that it is imperative to note that it is free and you do not have to pay installation fee like in many other features.
2) Gstrings
Among the top 5 android apps to share your favorite Gstring is considered to be the best. This is due to its unique ability of helping you tune to your favorite string instruments. You can therefore, be in a position to tune to your violin or even guitar with your android.
It is commonly quite popular with musicians who find it to be quite useful app. The application is quite efficient as it will direct you on the best way that you need to play your instruments. It works just like the guitar tuner ensuring that you stay in tune irrespective of where you are.
This is the app that you should not miss in your Android phone. It has been fixed with microphone sensitivity devices as well as orchestra tuning. Apart from that it has a pitch pipe which helps in enhancing the quality of the sound that emanates from this app.
3) Launcher Pro
If you have an android phone that is not equipped with fast processing speed this is the app that will assist you upgrade your android. This app is meant for those android that are not fixed with the current high speed and ram. Launch Pro is among the top 5 android apps to share your favorite.
It improves your android to fit to the current high speed quality devices. You don't have to purchase a new android to avoid the problem of having a sluggish phone. Apart from that it has customizable icons that are easy to use for everyone.
4) Handcent SMS
This app is very essential as it improves the quality of your text messaging. If you have just purchased a new android phone it is imperative to ensure that you install this app as it will not only spice up your text messaging but it will also add a lot of features that you will find important when messaging.
Your text messages will have no difference from the messages that have been sent from iPhones. This app will also enable you to access your new messages without having to stop what you were doing.
5) Wi-Fi Tether
This is another top 5 android apps to share your favorite. This app will enable you turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot.
This means that you don't have to use cable to connect your phone to a computer. You can use this app to connect your phone internet to your computer through wireless connection.

Author Bio: Written by Julieth, Online chat rooms in chat site.