The Very Best In Movie Merchandise
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May 18, 2012

The Very Best In Movie Merchandise

If you're Alec Guinness you probably already know about the possibilities of movie merchandise. If you're not then know that Alec, the man who played crusty Jedi Obiwan in the original Star Wars trilogy opted for 2% of everything creator George Lucas made from the franchise rather than a flat fee. That's a vault load of cash. It is easy to be cynical about the marketing and merchandise machines attached to films, but they're not all bad... in fact sometimes they're downright cool.

Scream Mask

Wes Craven warped the horror genre in 1996 when he made Scream. The film is self-referential genius and sent teenagers all over the wold mad for spooky gore-fests.
In the film the killer wears a very cheap ghostly costume that features a white mask and black cowl of sorts. Instantly this became a number one Halloween costume and is now ubiquitous in any fancy dress store the world over. In the same way movies such as Halloween and Jason created masks synonymous with spooking your pals so did Scream, a touch of irony here perchance?

Everything From Jurassic Park

Dino DNA runs amok in this Spielberg classic as the delusional billionaire scientist John Hammond creates a theme park with real dinosaurs. As you can imagine, that isn't as great a plan as it sounds.
The thing with all the merchandise for this movie is that as the film was based around a theme park the goodies associated with it were as though they actually came from the park. You could get a Jurassic Park lunch box or cagoule and it looked as though you'd actually been to the park!

V For Vendetta Mask

Another mask and this time one that has actually transcended the movie merchandise role. In the dystopian future of Britain presented in the adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel is a rebel rabble raising fellow who goes by the name of V and wears throughout the tale a Guy Fawkes mask.
Much like the scream mask this plastic visage became a geek favourite at Halloween, but it has also stretched a bit further. The mask has become a symbol of political protest and is worn by campaigners on various rallies and marches. The most prominent utilisation is by the activists known as Anonymous.

The Dude Action Figure

We couldn't have a list not including at least one action figure. Though the idea of rendering The Dude from the Coen brothers film the Big Lebowski is a little tradictory seeing as action isn't exactly his thing. But that's kind of the reason it's so good. He also comes complete with his rug, superb.

Han In Carbonite Ice Cube Tray

Never have the practical and the iconic movie prop ever been joined in such harmony. The Han frozen in carbonite ice cube tray is inspired. Little can make a geek smile more than having a Han in his incarcerated state bobbing around in their ginger beer.

Reversible Gizmo

Gizmo made a cute soft toy, and they were produced by the shed load. However some bright spark added a dimension that made one lot of plush gizmos stand out from the crowd. A Velcro fastening down his back meant that he could be turned inside out. And when this was completed what did you have? A green and mean post soaking, fed after midnight version of the little critter!

Author Bio: Rodney Care can't get enough of movie merchandise, the quirkier the better and that goes for the funny gifts he sources for Find Me A Gift too.