Mobile Monitoring - Latest Advancement in Smartphones Technology
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May 19, 2012

Mobile Monitoring - Latest Advancement in Smartphones Technology

Have you ever faced a situation wherein you have suspected your employees browsing
smartphone Internet during peak office hours? Do you suspect your own children browsing some
adult sites via the phone’s Internet connection? Are you of the opinion that your husband is
having some porn videos on his smartphone? Well, if the reply to any of these questions is ‘yes’,
then you might be thinking of the ways and means to track them and catch hold of them with
proof, right? This is exactly where the mobile monitoring technology comes at your rescue.

Introduction to Mobile Monitoring

Mobile monitoring refers to the technique of secretly recording and tracking all the activities that
takes place on a smartphone. So, it helps in recording:
  • Text messages
  • Video messages
  • Calls
  • Photos and images
  • Music
  • Phone book
  • Sites surfed
  • Apps used
  • Content downloaded
  • GPS coordinates to reveal the exact location of the concerned smartphone
The beauty of this technology is that it can retrieve the information regarding calls and messages
even if they are removed from the smartphone. Once all this information is recorded into logs,
the concerned app uploads all the logs to a remote server, which you can access instantly from an
online account.

Mobile Monitoring Apps

The technique of mobile monitoring is on offer by a variety of spy apps that work with any
phone carrier as well as on any platforms: Symbian, iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.
Most of these apps are available with a subscription for a fixed duration. While many are
available for working on one to three smartphones at a time, a few of them are available
for working on unlimited number of smartphones. Despite these differences, all the mobile
monitoring apps work almost in a similar manner. Here is a list of what these mobile monitoring
apps can do for you.
  • Gets loaded in an invisible mode
  • Records SMS text messages, MMSs, and call information with duration
  • Records GPS location of a smartphone
  • Tracks all sites surfed via the phone
  • Logs on all videos and photos seen on the phone
  • Traces all the messages exchanged on the messengers
  • Tracks phone books, calendar events, notes taken, and memos
  • Uploads all the tracks, logs, and recording to a remote server
  • Allows viewing incoming and outgoing emails
  • Allows viewing the live phone screen via a control panel
  • Allows commanding the phone in real time but from a remote location (blocking
  • contacts, messages, Web pages, apps, and phone features)
Some Famous Apps to Consider

One of the most famous mobile monitoring apps is Mobile Spy that is available for all
smartphones. Offering all the above tasks, it is one of the most popular apps, which works
on three smartphones simultaneously for just a single subscription. One more popular app is
StealthGenie that is the most preferred choice of the parents. Some more spy apps to consider are
SpyBubble and PhoneSheriff.

All these apps are designed in such a manner that you just have to install them once on
the concerned smartphone after which you just have to open the browser and track what is
Anna loves to blog on latest mobile technologies. To know about her updates please view Mobile phone spying software