Heartbreak Hotel - A Place to Get Over that Messy Break Up
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May 11, 2012

Heartbreak Hotel - A Place to Get Over that Messy Break Up

Exciting American Journeys Where You Can Get Over That Messy Break-Up

If you’re nursing a broken heart or feel down on your luck this summer there’s only
one thing to do – make a break for it and go on a holiday exclusively for singles.
Quit feeling sorry for yourself and make things happen in vibrant American holiday
destinations like San Francisco, New York and Miami, where the locals are open and
warm, where it’s easy to meet people, and where you’ll forget all your problems.
Here are five exciting American adventures guaranteed to help you get over that
messy break up.

The American West
great blue heron on that little hill at chrissy field beach across from the golden gate bridge
Photo by boltron- on Flickr.com. 
Go west, young man, or so they used to say. And the American West, comprising exciting states such as Nevada, California and Oregon, has never been more appealing than it is right now. Hip bars, trendy restaurants, Hollywood glamour and natural splendour combine to make thisone of the greatest destinations on earth. And a trip around this magnificent region is ideal for those on singles holidays, as you can see the canyons of Yosemite, the celebs of Los Angeles and the giant redwoods of Northern California on a tour with other singles all in the same boat as you.

This is a great way to meet new people without the pressure and awkwardness of
introducing yourself, and you’ll quickly bond with fellow travellers as your journey
progresses. Nights sipping wine underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, partying
poolside in Santa Monica or gambling at the poker tables of Las Vegas with new
people can all be had on a visit out west. And whether you are seeking luxury
resorts out in the desert, swish gambling dens right on the Strip, or quaint bed
and breakfasts with a view out over the Pacific, all can be had in America's most
dramatic, and some say most romantic, region.

America's Revolutionary Heartland
Jogging on a bright November morning
If you’re looking for history and culture there’s only one place to head to in the U.S.A
and that is the north-east. In this region, famed for bright autumns and pleasant
springs, you can marvel at New York's immense skyscrapers, wander around the
fabled halls of the Smithsonian, America's greatest museum complex, and enjoy
toasted marshmallows around a camp-fire in cosy New England. What's more, you
can enjoy all of this in the company of fellow singles, so you don’t need a partner or
travelling companion to embark on this trip of a lifetime. The truly brave can even
venture up close to Niagara Falls in a ferry, go hiking in Pennsylvania's Bear Country
or debate the finer points of the Boston Tea Party with proud Massachusetts’
locals! And if you feel you need a bit of peace and quiet, extravagant hotels such
as Newark's exclusive Hilton are perfect for curling up at night, eating a tub of ice
cream and watching a good movie.

The Frozen North
Road to special places
To really get away from it all and leave civilisation behind there are plenty of remote world-wide destinations to visit, but a jaunt to the Maldives or the Seychelles can be a bit clich├ęd. The fact is, everyone needing some rest and recuperation goes there. So for a bit of 'me time', why not explore Alaska instead?
Full of gargantuan glaciers, mammoth mountains and frozen forests, this is well and
truly America's greatest wilderness. Perfect for adventure holidays, the serene Kenai
fjords are one of the most peaceful locations in the world, and you can kayak, forage
and hike to your heart's content in some of the most remote, and most beautiful,
landscapes in the world. What's more, luxury wilderness camps out in the wilds of
Alaska in locations such as Kachemak Bay ensure that you are always pampered and
well looked after, so for a real Heartbreak Hotel, look no further.

A travel writer by trade, John has covered a huge variety of travel related subjects, from finding cheap adventure holidays in the Peruvian Andes, to scouring the web in
search of the cheapest flights.