Google: Behind the Numbers [Infographic]
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May 8, 2012

Google: Behind the Numbers [Infographic]

In 2010, Google raked in more than 29 billion dollars in revenue. That is more than the GDP of the 28 poorest countries in the world, combined! Even though they are the poorest on the planet, most of these countries hover around 1 billion dollars a year, although some just barely.
One may ask, where does Google make all their money? Most would think the money comes from all the services and products they offer. The answer to that is no. Google makes most of its money from advertisements.
Google Behind The Numbers
Google AdWords features key words that visitors can click on, with each click putting money in Google's deep pocket. A few of these popular key words are insurance, loans and mortgage. Wait a minute. Those three seem to be closely related and just a touch shady!
Google doesn't just make money out of thin air by running these advertisements. Its the 1 billion, completely unique visitors that use Google every month. That's 1 in 7 people on the entire planet using Google!
From: Business MBA