Drinking And Infographics Can Go Together
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May 8, 2012

Drinking And Infographics Can Go Together

Beer is world’s highest consumed alcoholic beverage and third most popular drinks in the world just after water and tea.

Global Beer Consumption statistics and trends

cover the latest beer consumption statistics from all over the world and answer some interesting questions of Beer lovers Like which countries has the highest per capita beer consumption. Which countries are the top beer consumers? Which beers were sold the most in 2011? What are the highest beer consumption events? Market shares of leading breweries in different parts of the world, World’s fastest growing beer markets and lot more.
Did you know that the current Global Beer market is of more than 505 Billion expecting to reach 522 Billion by 2015. World’s four leading breweries – AB InBev, SAB Miller, Heineken and Carlsberg currently controls the 46% of the global beer market. China, the biggest beer consuming country consumes around 29000 Mega Liters of Beer per year  ( 1 Mega Liter = 1000000 Liters) . Read our Infographics to find more such interesting Information about Beer Industry.
Jeet is a blogger, writer and a beer guzzler. He writes blogs and website copy with 1001beersteins.com. If you have any interesting beer statistics, feel free to contact him through the website.