Business Cards vs Pokens - the Latter Has Won the Battle
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May 7, 2012

Business Cards vs Pokens - the Latter Has Won the Battle

With the advent of this new era of technology, it seems almost everything has gone digital. From
Television broadcasting to Mobile communication, digitalization has been supreme and how can
business cards can be left behind?

Pokens have definitely taken over when it comes to exchanging business cards for sharing social media
information. Putting things simpler, pokens are digital business cards as the information is stored in
a small device (It looks like a key). Once you touch the poken palms, the information is exchanged
within a few seconds (Both should have the poken device). If you want to transfer all that social media
information into your PC or desktop, it was never any easier. You can insert the poken device into your
desktop or laptop and it’s a matter of few seconds to copy all the data that you want.

Get Introduced to Hi-Four

Well, poken has got a palm like structure; however, it has a finger less than a human palm. Exchanging
information via poken is done via touching the poken palms & this process has got a name for itself,
thanks to the users. The process is called Hi-Four now.

Environment Friendly

What do you do while getting the business cards for your business? You probably order those from
some local supplier or from some reputed companies like Vista Print or PsPrint depending on your
budget? (Well, that being said, getting business cards from a reputed company is not that costly
anymore as there are numerous discount coupons available throughout the internet).

Pokens save you the cost of printing hundreds, if not thousands of business cards. Apart from the money
factor, it definitely saves a lot of papers, thus it is getting more popularity among environmentalist
business entrepreneurs.

Poken Personalities

If you want the poken representing yourself to give the other person an idea of your mood and taste,
you are not out of options:

If you are one who attends social media events at a regular basis, PokenSPARK is the ideal
option for you. This is available in 18 different colors and you are bound to find one in your
favorite color. There are different names to describe these various personalities as well, such as:
alien, black ninja, kitty cat etc.

If you are a rather mature business associate, a good option for you should be PokenPulse. The
color is black and it has an additional 2GB of flash memory inside the device.

PokenTAG also comes handy for many; it is an electronic sticker that stores digital documents
and multimedia files inside it. It is fully customizable by the user.

Enabling a poken

After you buy your poken, you have to register the same into the account that you have in the official
website. After that, authenticate yourself with the various social networking websites and you are
free to use those. Remember one thing, while you are enabling poken, you should keep the device
connected to the machine from where you are accessing poken’s official website.

Information Protection

If you have your auto-login feature disabled, even if someone gets hold of your poken, he won’t be able
to do anything unless he cracks the password of yours as well. To retrieve the information that your
missing poken contained, you just have to connect the new poken to the existing account and you are
done. Also, you can deactivate your lost poken device by just making a single call. Finally, all of your
information in the poken is encrypted, so nobody virtually can get his hold on the same.

Business cards are dead?

Well, in this tech-savvy world, pokens have definitely taken over business cards, but, it’s still pretty early
to say that the latter is dead.

Many business entrepreneurs still think that social media information should only be in the official
website. To give the traditional business card a twist, many have introduced QR codes in the paper card
as well.

Another big disadvantage that pokens seem to have is the price. It’s pretty hefty for starters and the
makers of poken have to consider the same if they want to expand their client base by reaching out to a
bigger market.

So, definitely, pokens have won the battle against business cards, but, it’s only pretty much the first
round. Both business cards and pokens have to undergo some tweaks to come out as the ultimate

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