Those silly Big-World games like Skyrim
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Apr 28, 2012

Those silly Big-World games like Skyrim

Playlist - Funny Skyrim Moments
Sounds like a catchy, controversial subject =D
First of all I love those those type of games: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, etc.
and I'm a recovering MMORPG addict.
I almost can't enjoy any one directional game anymore now that I've become such a huge fan of the "Big-World; Go Where You Want, Do What You Like" games.

Everyone might not find them as impressive, but I've yet to find a person who can describe why they suck; so I'll attempt to fill that void here, just for fun.

Are modern RPGs adding more features than they can handle?
We constantly run into NPCs (non-playable characters) who have routines - they have places to be, things to do, and so on. Skyrim is Stupid
"We used to have a nice convo, then I took an arrow to the face"

They have many different things they want to tell you as you're walking by, and it's not always related to what really needs to be done. It's often funny or too stupid for the situation. There's a lot of variation compared to the one-directional style we're used to in most action games - a lot of variation in both the story and character development - we are not playing a crafted storyline. So sometimes conversation subjects may not go in the right or sensible order.

When the characters have several things they can do at any moment it increases the chance of conflicting actions. They're not always going to do the most important thing according to you. Their "bedtime" might trigger while something more important is going on, or they might get stuck in or behind objects.
bucket headMany gamers are used to running into characters that do their 'stuff' perfectly without error. When a character has fewer actions, the devs and animators can work on those actions more and make them flawless.

Being able to interact with almost every object you come across is a cool feature that many RPG games have. Then you can usually place them in silly spots and nobody is going to react; nobody will clean them up or move them. :)

Some strange things I've discovered in Skyrim and other Bethesda RPGs:

  • You can Fus-Ro-Da your wife off a mountain and she won't get mad, but steal her sweet-roll and she might kill you.
  • Epicness has incredibly long loading times, you might ask "is it worth it?".
  • You can empty out someone's place and they won't figure out it was you, as long as they didn't see you do it.
  • You can empty out someones house and nothing will change in their behavior.
  • You can kill someone's partner and nothing will change in their routine or behavior, except right after you did it.

Nickolai Gibson

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.