Smoke and Mirrors: Cigarettes or Impostors?
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Apr 23, 2012

Smoke and Mirrors: Cigarettes or Impostors?

If you surf the net, you’ll find a huge market for stuff disguised as other stuff. We’re not entirely sure why, but there seems to be a real appeal in things that are not all as they initially appear. Whether it’s for covert, nefarious purposes or just plain fun, here’s a look at some of the strange things that have come disguised as cigarettes.

Cigarette Graffiti Pen

If you find yourself two feet away from a brand new tag when the Five-O arrive, you’ll want to keep the evidence as far away as possible. Now you can get your graffiti pen disguised as a cigarette. While it might not stand up to the most rigorous of inspections (the shiny plastic finish might give it away) this pen could slip covertly into a cigarette box and pass by unnoticed.

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Cigarette Gun

In “You Only Live Twice”, the fifth film in the James Bond series, double-oh-seven is given a projectile launcher disguised as a cigarette. With accuracy up to 30 yards, the cigarette was only fired once in the film, to kill a guard, evincing the fact that cigarettes really can be bad for your health.

Cigarette Teabags

We’re not sure why these exist, but we suppose that they might be ideal if you want to cause a stir in the tearoom. Whip out one of these teabags disguised as a cigarette and just add a cup of boiling water and watch your colleagues recoil in disgust. If you find that sort of thing funny, that is. Alternatively, these could be kind of a handy format if you’re dead set on carrying a load of tea around your pocket.

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Cigarette Pipe

English: Diagram of a cigarette. Filter made o...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One wonders why you’d need to disguise your pipe as a cigarette but makers of the ‘pipe’, say that it’s
handy for smoking a number of other substances that are a) illegal and b) not considered acceptable down at the pub!

Cigarette Disguised Cigarette Lighter

Again, we're struggling to see the point in this, though it's a bonus that this handy refillable lighter is perfectly cigarette shaped so at to tuck neatly into your cigarette packet. It’s a bit of a blow when you think you still have one left for the journey home though!

Cell Phone Jammer

Using cell phone jammers is shaky ground, legally speaking, in many countries, so it figures that those looking to interfere with nearby telecommunications would be drawn to this cell phone jammer cleverly concealed in a cigarette packet.

Pen E-Cigarette

You are also able to find cigarettes disguised as other items. Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of designs, one of which is this stylish pen design that allows you to drop it into your shirt pocket and nobody will be any wiser! It’s quite acceptable to chew on the end of your pen during a meeting, and this way you can sneak a drag when the boss isn’t looking, though you’d better be careful where you blow that vapour, else you’ll be quickly rumbled!

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Disguising cigarettes as other items is popular among smugglers as well, though perhaps not very successful! In Februrary 2012, a gang of smugglers in Felixstowe, England were found to have imported millions of pounds’ worth of cigarettes disguised as toys.

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