10 Questions to Catch Out an Art Imposter
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Apr 6, 2012

10 Questions to Catch Out an Art Imposter

From Mitte to Shoreditch to Williamsburg, there are many people who claim they know their art. These phoney fakes speak the lingo without actually knowing their Cezanne’s from their Kandinsky’s!

From historical to more contemporary subjects, here are ten sure-fire questions to test yourself on how to catch out that art imposter…
  1. Where does expressionism originate and name one key artist of this movement? 
  2. Which materials did Monet use for his artwork? 
  3. What technique does the famous street artist Banksy use? 
  4. Name a key controversial artist and why? 
  5. Where does impressionism originate and name one technique characteristic of this movement? 
  6. What is awarded to the winner of the prominent and highly publicised annual Turner Prize? 
  7. What is meant by the term ‘avant-garde’ in art? 
  8. Where did the Renaissance movement begin? 
  9. Which famous artist cut off his ear, and which ear was it? 
  10. What is meant by ‘installation art’? 
  1.  Germany and Edvard Munch, V. Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin & Ferdinand Hodler 
  2.  Oil paint on canvas 
  3.  Stencil art 
  4.  A few include David Cerny – Shark; Marcus Harvey – Myra; Angela Singer – Hedge Row. 
  5.  France and impasto 
  6.  £40,000 
  7.  Works that are experimental and innovative, pushing the boundaries of what is considered the ‘norm’ 
  8.  Italy 
  9.  Van Gogh, left ear 
  10.  Three-dimensional art in interior spaces
This article was written by CultureLabel, e-retailer for affordable art.