How Much will You Earn from Blogging / Videoblogging?
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Apr 20, 2012

How Much will You Earn from Blogging / Videoblogging?

This is something you're probably wondering, along with "how much do these bloggers really make?"
In short: If you have something to sell from your blog you'll probably make more than someone who only has advertisements in addition to their articles.
Here on Tubeblogger I'm not selling anything from the blog, I only earn from advertisements (Google Adsense) and occasional product reviews - more about this later.

Click-Through Ratio

The ads over there to the right are automatic. I like Adsense because the ads are usually somewhat related to the article on the page. They give me a small amount whenever someone clicks them.  Out of the ten thousand visitors this month, twenty people clicked them. Thats a Click-Through Ratio (CTR) of .20%
From those twenty clicks I'll get about $10.

The CTR goes up and down all the time for me but it stays at around .20%.
It depends on the position of the ad as well as the content of the blog, the former you can experience with a lot (the latter, a bit, I guess).
So as you can see I'll need over a hundred thousand visitors per day to make anything you might call Good Money from ads. A number I'll probably never reach.
Trying to make money with a blog using ads only is a silly idea.

Some sites kinda trick people into clicking the ads. By placing them at the very top, making it look like categories on the blog, etc. This increases the CTR but it's against the terms of service on Adsense

Video Blogging

Similar concepts apply. On Youtube the ads are controlled by adsense so it pays about the same for each click as I described above. A few people who watch your videos are going to click the ads.
Some people report a click through ratio of over 4%, but I think that's extremely rare, it will probably be below 1%.
So once you're getting fifty thousand daily views you're (on your way to) making good money from Youtube.
That is totally possible even for amateurs if you do daily video blogging; so it's a much better plan than trying to make money from a blog with only ads.

Selling Something probably the only way you'll be making good money from a blog. You'll have to calculate your own conversion rate to know how many visitors you'll need to make good money; meaning, how many of your visitors actually buy something - what the percentage is.
The percentage, conversion rate, will probably be higher than CTR of ads.
Once you know the conversion rate you'll know whether it is worth paying for visitors to your site, by using Google AdWords, or paying to advertise on other sites.

But, what to sell?

You can set up (apply for) an Amazon Associates account. Then you can sell any of their [] products from your site.
Many people (including me) do this in the form of product reviews; they review products that they know something about and post an affiliated link to the Amazon page for that product. When someone buys anything after clicking that link they get around 5% or so of the money spent.
Ebay has a similar deal where you can be an associate, and so do many other online shops.

Start by reviewing some products you've owned or tested.
Review any product that you know something about. Someone out there might find your review useful and click your links.

That's it. Leave a comment if you know some tricks to increase CTR or conversion rate.
We would love to hear it!

Nickolai Gibson

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.