Geek vs. Hipster: What's the Difference?
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Apr 15, 2012

Geek vs. Hipster: What's the Difference?

Geek! Hipster! They were once words used to insult, but they are now a label worn with pride. Are you a geek or a hipster? These words are not just casual descriptions, they're a person's lifestyle and identity. From their daily attire to the day they retire, geeks and hipsters are devoted to being exactly like themselves. And they are not words used to describe "someone else" anymore. People are using these words to describe themselves with no loss of dignity or self-respect.
Geeks vs Hipsters
 These words are no longer flippant suggestions used to describe the vague essence of an unsavory individual, they are a detailed description of that individual's personal quirks, procrastination preferences, and a commentary on their day to day way of thinking. Geeks and Hipsters make intelligence fashionable, but they don't necessarily agree on what qualifies as essential knowledge. But, hey, there is no shame in being either one.

Author Bio: From: Become Career