5 Ways to Get Your Driving Action Fix Without Going Near a Car
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Apr 3, 2012

5 Ways to Get Your Driving Action Fix Without Going Near a Car

Not even the most dedicated of petrol heads can spend their entire lives behind the wheel of a revving motor. Sometimes you have to step out of the cockpit for pesky things like food, water and social interaction. But, don’t fear! Just because you aren’t in your car any more doesn’t mean that the driving action has to cease completely. Here are five ways you can hone those finely tuned skills and feed your endless adrenaline habit without ever going near a road.

Asphalt Adrenaline 6 (Various Smartphones and Tablets)

One of the cheapest and most cost effective ways of getting a thrill behind wheel can be had if you happen to be an iPhone user. Asphalt Adrenalin 6 provides one of the best experiences in terms of graphics and speed from a small hand held device. It really is quite spectacular how good the game looks on such modest hardware. The game can be taken anywhere and played online with other users. At a cost of only $1, this game offers one of the best cost-to-fun ratios ever!

Forza Motorsport 4 (Xbox 360)

Release onto the market in October 2011, this offering from Microsoft has established itself as the Xbox’s answer to the PlayStation’s Gran Turismo series. This is a fantastic little game and one of the most popular driving simulators to date. Of course, to go for the proper simulation experience you’ll be needing a good seat and steering wheel set up.

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

Well we had to talk about it at some point, didn’t we? Gran Turismo is, some will say, the definitive driving simulator. Since its origins on the PS1, the game series has consistently delivered an ultra-realistic and immersive driving experience. This edition’s graphics are exquisite, pushing the PS3’s hardware to the limits of their capabilities, and the sounds convey the roaring of engines better than any other on the market. The Gran Turismo franchise includes fully licensed replicas from most of the major car manufactures and brings to the table super-high-detail models of countless classic track cars. It’s a hard and fast in your face experience whose difficulty level will have you cursing at the screen yet curiously hungry for more. The franchise first came onto the scene in 1997 and since then has sold over 65 million copies to date.

BMW E30 Simulator

This is a great simulator if you want a track style experience with no interference. It’s very realistic and you feel as if you are actually driving. There is even a genuine BMW steering wheel to add to the authenticity. Just as effective as any other main stream console with the added advantage being able to play it in your bedroom!


This simulator like the one above is not a game but a real driving simulator. It’s as realistic as you can get and comes fully equipped with an adjustable driving seat. It includes all of the dashboard functions you will expect to find in a real car. The programmes provide for all weather conditions and traffic scenarios. If it’s a real life full size driving simulation you’re after, then this is the way to go!

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