Top 5 Superhero Movies Made
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Mar 10, 2012

Top 5 Superhero Movies Made

Everyone loves superhero movies. It doesn’t matter what generation you grew up in everyone had a superhero that they thought was super cool. Many superheros such as Batman, Spiderman and even Superman have become icons with each generation since coming into existence years ago. Below is list a bunch of guys over here at buy superhero agreed upon.

1. The Dark Knight
This was a unanimous decision by the three of us. Christian Bale has been a great Batman (regardless of the goofy “batman voice”) and is exciting to watch. The true star in this movie is the late Heath Ledger playing the role of “The Joker”. Whether it is the joker costume he dawns or the amazing little flip of his tong he gives as he speaks in the twisted villainess way this guy is simply great. The Joker and Batman feud is one of the all time greats and these two actors portrayed it perfectly on screen.

2. Superman (1978 version)
I personally never thought this movie would be ousted as the number one superhero movie of all time. The fact that it was on the top for as long as it was is a testament to how good of a movie it is. By now everyone knows how it goes. Superman is an alien orphan who is taken in and raised by his adoptive parents. Little do they know that this little alien orphan would grow up to become one of the biggest superheroes a live. This movie is an absolute must see for any superhero lover!

3. Ironman
This movie was not a unanimous decision however it made its way to the #3 spot on our list. Rober Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark who builds an amazing and powerful suit after near fatal accident. This suit in the end does much more then save Starks life but the entire universe as its used to fight all sorts of evil!

4. Spiderman 2
Not too often is the second movie in the series one of the best movies let alone one of the top 5 movies of all time. This is exactly what we believe Spiderman 2 offers. “Doc Ock” is one of the most entertaining villain in this series and plays a large role in the success of this Spiderman movie. While many people would argue that Spiderman 3 is the best in this series we simply didn’t believe that the movie did justice to the super awesome “Venom” character. Because of this Spiderman 2 gets the #4 spot on our list of all time superhero movies.

5. X-men
This is the only “series” of movies we have on our list. We simply couldn’t determine which specific movie was the best. It gets even more difficult if you keep in consideration the newer spinoffs such as the Wolverine movie. The X-men movies have something for everyone whether it be super strength, dangerous weapons or even physiological powers. X-men in our minds has always been the best of all worlds when it comes to superhero excitement. I imagine as the series continues to develop it will only continue to rise in our list of top 5 superhero movies.