Top 5 Scariest Movie Rabbits
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Mar 8, 2012

Top 5 Scariest Movie Rabbits

One wouldn’t automatically associate rabbits with psychosis or horror and yet, film history has produced some pretty gruesome roles for these fluffy bunnies, often completely sabotaging the ‘cutesy’ appeal perpetuated throughout children’s books.
Let us then step away from the likes of Beatrix Potter’s Benjamin Bunny and scatty ole Roger Rabbit or Carroll’s White Rabbit who was upset by his lack of punctuality.
Let us look at the top five horrid rabbits in film and decide which is more believable.
  1. General Woundwort

Image via public domain
1978 saw the creation of the heartbreaking animation ‘Watership Down’. I can honestly say that after seeing this giant, psychotic and half blind monster, I was unable to hold my pet rabbits Sooty and Snuffles for weeks.
His bullying, violent nature went against everything I believed rabbits to stand for. He was also described as being one of the largest rabbits on record as well as a fearsome fighter. No wonder, this bad bunny is the stuff of nightmares.

2. The Rabbit of Caerbannog
Image via public domain

Now this comical yet terrifying little blighter will be known by all Monty Python fans as the killer rabbit who manages to slay the majority of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table.  The script is fantastic, sound effects are hilariously nail biting and it makes you look at fluffy white bunnies in a whole new way.

3. Frank

Image via public domain
This demonic looking rabbit appears to inform the protagonist of Donnie Darko that firstly the world is about to end, then proceeds to entice the guy into committing a series of crimes. On the whole, not a nice rabbit and frankly puts me off the idea of the Easter bunny. A grown man in a rabbit costume is now not a pleasant sight to see. Keep away from me, all of you!

4. The Rabbit Carcass in ‘Repulsion’

Image via screen capture
Roman Polanski certainly knows how to spin a disturbing yarn and boy does he do a good job with this 1965 psychological horror, starring Catherine Deneuve, a lady who bears a striking resemblance to Polanski’s tragic wife Sharon Tate who was murdered by Charles Manson & his ‘family’ in 1969.
Repulsion depicts the mental decline and finally murderous psychosis of a young Belgian woman left alone at her sister’s flat in London for several days whilst her sister is away. She leaves out a rotting rabbit carcass, that rots and rots further each day, representing the woman’s mental deterioration. While this rabbit is not a personified creature, its gruesomeness certainly warrants its place in this list. *Shudder*

5. The ‘Hat Trick’ Rabbit
Ah... the Twilight Zone movie. Spielburg recreated the series in this film that includes probably one of the most terrifying rabbits of all time. Less terrifying perhaps than the demonic supernatural boy who makes it appear, but still... This rabbit makes you spill whatever drink you’re holding and scream out loud. This happened to me and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Proceed with caution.

Susannah Plomer is a prolific writer, film reviewer and all round film geek. She has worked in many a pet shop in the past and started making rabbit hutches when she was five.