Ipad 3 - What's so special about this new iPad?
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Mar 20, 2012

Ipad 3 - What's so special about this new iPad?

When the new iPad was released (only a few days ago now), thousands of people queued up outside stores. Legions of Apple fans had been preparing for this for weeks, wondering what this new tablet would be like. Did it sell out? As yet it's not clear. But one thing is for sure - the release of Apple's latest gadget has been met with a great deal of excitement.

Those who are not familiar with the new iPad may indeed wonder what's so special about it. After all, didn't Apple already release a "new" iPad sometime last year? In truth, some reviewers are arguing that there are relatively few differences between the two most recent models. So it might be interesting to pose the question: what, if anything, distinguishes this new iPad?

The answer, in short, is the Retina display. Even before the release, fans suspected that this new iPad's display would feature more pixels than the previous model. And so it does. According to some, the Retina display makes an HD television look somewhat old-fashioned. Exaggeration aside, it seems clear that the new iPad gives users a sharper screen than they were previously used to. Gamers and image-adicts alike will no doubt appreciate this most of all.

But surely there's more to the new iPad than a better display. For if not, surely it would make sense to stick to a cheap ipad 2. The fact of the matter, though, is that there is indeed more to the "ipad 3" than a fancier display. In addition to the added pixels on the screen, the "ipad 3" includes a significantly-improved camera, a dictation option and the capacity for faster connectivity (it supports 4G LTE)

Whilst none of these things can be considered a major overhaul, they do combine to make an impressive upgrade. There can be no doubt that many will appreciate the 4G wireless option and the 5-megapixel camera. And, as we have suggested, the impressive new screen will have many fans as well. However, there are reasons for thinking that this is not quite the "game changer" that Apple have suggested. For one thing, the appearance hasn't really changed and if anything the design is taken a slight step backwards. In what sense, you may ask? Well the weight and thickness of this new iPad actually exceed the iPad 2. It's only a slight increase but it may be enough to put off a few users, particularly those who appreciate thin, streamlined, lightweight tablets.

In summary then, there can be no doubt that the new iPad is an exciting achievement. That said, it seems that owners of the 2nd generation tablet may not after all need to worry about upgrading. In any case, who's to say that in six months time we won't be looking at yet another Apple release? So if you own an ipad 2 you may wish to hold on to it for a while and see what Apple do next. Of course, if you're one of those people who simply has to have the latest model, you probably won't be disappointed with this "ipad 3" tablet.