How to Transform a Boring Subject into an Exciting Masterpiece
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Mar 9, 2012

How to Transform a Boring Subject into an Exciting Masterpiece

As a freelance writer I am faced with some really boring and challenging subjects from time to time, while I have my few contracts which offer me diversity and fun, others require blogs and articles on the most difficult of subjects. There is only so much you can do with these subjects, but by using the skills I have learned along the way I am able to transform these bland and horrible subjects into a masterpiece that I can be proud of.
How do I do it? Well at first it was a long process, I used to feel as frustrated as I sat counting the words desperate to meet the spec, but now I have figured out a full proof plan that makes the words flow and gets me finished and going over the required minimum word count.

An Engaging Title is the First Step

The first step is to come up with an engaging title, now you may think this is impossible when you’re writing about something as boring as toilet seats, but believe me you can.  Think about if as if you were about to read a blog on the subject, what heading would grab your attention and get you interested in what it had to say?
The body of the blog was my nightmare, hitting the five hundred word count seemed impossibility, so I sat and brainstormed about the subject before even putting pen to paper. I thought of some funny things to say along with some basic information, maybe throw in a few design ideas on the bathroom as a whole and how the toilet seat could compliment the space. Yes a toilet seat can complement the bathroom.

Let the Words Flow

Keeping the body of text in a friendly yet informative voice was becoming easier as I learned how to deal with these horror subjects, each time I wrote I found that the words started to flow. Using my brainstorming notes, I had worlds of information to add for the reader to enjoy, from useful hints and tips to the subject itself, the boring subjects started to become fun, they were something that I didn’t dread each day.
Another thing I found that helped when faced with these subjects was to write them first before tackling any of the other work I had to do for the day, starting on the hardest ones and moving to easiest made the day go quickly and I wasn’t completely creatively exhausted by the time I took on the difficult subjects.

End with a Bang

After writing a full article filled with friendly, informative and light-hearted material on the given subject, I always try and end the piece with a bang, something that will have the reader coming back for more. Now while this isn’t always possible on each and every subject and everyone’s idea of what their ending should be varies, it just adds that extra bit of fun to the article.
Every day we are faced with difficult writing pieces that we have to finish because of looming deadlines.  Putting a list together of what you want to write about with little notes can help the words flow. I know many of us write and research as we go, but I find that doing the basic research, brainstorming and making my notes first lets me write a masterpiece of the most mundane subjects conceivable.
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