How to be a Successful Vlogger on YouTube
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Mar 2, 2012

How to be a Successful Vlogger on YouTube

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been seven short years since the worldwide sensation known as YouTube first launched. Since its debut, YouTube has attracted millions upon millions of subscribers, and has been the platform for numerous vloggers to voice their opinions, concerns and talents. You may be wondering what exactly is a vlogger and how does being a vlogger work. A vlog is simply a video blog, recorded with a video camera or a webcam. A vlogger is someone who has created a series of vlogs, and has uploaded them to a website such as YouTube. Because of its popularity, many vloggers have chosen YouTube as the main outlet for their video expressions. If you are thinking about going down this path, there are a few things to consider in order to ensure your success as a vlogger.

1. The Camera

If you are serious about vlogging, it is important that you invest in a good solid camera. This will make sure every video you upload has great quality in both sound and picture. On YouTube, a vlog with a great topic and an entertaining blogger can be ruined by a grainy or fuzzy picture, or horrible sound. Let’s take a look at a few cameras worth checking out.
  • Sony Bloggie MHS-CM5. This is a wonderful camera for anyone who may not be highly technologically savvy. This lightweight, easy to use camera offers a flip screen which makes recording accurate and fun. It has excellent sound quality, 5X optical zoom and user friendly software making uploading quick and easy.
  • Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2. The Sanyo camera is a fan favorite amongst vloggers. Not only does this camera provide amazing high quality videos, but it offers a plug-in for an external microphone, making the audio of each video amazing.
  • Samsung HMX-Q10 HD. This brilliant camera has multiple features that scream user friendly! Everything from the flip screen, image stabilizer and 10X optical zoom makes vlogging fun, easy and full of quality.
Of course there are tons of cameras out there to choose from. It’s all about doing the research and finding a camera with features that are important to you. The right camera will allow you to make videos that are clear in picture and audio, and provide you with the biggest bang for your buck.

2. The Video

When making the actual vlog, it’s important to pay attention to certain elements so that your video stands out in the crowd. Make note of these particular things:
  • Choose your topic(s) carefully. Pick something you are passionate about or something that you have extensive knowledge on. If you decide on current events, make sure to do your research and have accurate facts.
  • Be creative. Your vlog is an expression of who you are, so have fun with it! Use editing tools to add captions, designs or even music to your video. These simple things will help your vlog attract viewers and fans.
  • Get to the point. Be mindful of how long your vlog is and try not to drag things on as this may bore viewers. You want to capture the viewer before you lose them to their own short attention spans. Make your vlog long enough to get your point across, but short enough to have viewers longing for more.

3. The Promotion

Promoting your vlog is the best way to attract viewers. To be successful on YouTube, you must be able to bring in traffic to your particular vlog. The more viewers you receive, the more popular your vlog will become on the site. Extremely popular vloggers often have their vlogs advertised on the homepage of YouTube, which is a huge honor. Here are a few ideas on how to promote your vlog.
  • Utilize other social networks. Post the link to your vlog on other popular networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Let your friends know about your vlog and have them check it out. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.
  • Use a regular blog to promote your vlog. Try a popular blogging website like Tumblr to spread the word. You can even link your vlog to your blog so that readers will be aware of new videos you post.
  • Subscribe to other vlogs. YouTube has millions of users who vlog on a consistent basis. Watch various videos and subscribe to vloggers who have proven to be a hit on YouTube. Many times a vlogger will suggest new vloggers to their subscribers. This will lead new viewers to your vlog daily.
Being a successful vlogger on YouTube is all about the delivery of each video. It is imperative to be unique and original at all times. Have fun and show the world your personality. Successful vloggers don’t just have a ton of viewers, they have character and charisma. Think outside the box, try new things with each video you record and most of all, be proud, bold and creative.

Author Bio: Janet L. is a working mother of two and enjoys vlogging in her spare time. Janet is also a car insurance agent and specializes in helping her clients with writing a car insurance claim.