8 Great Bank Heist Films
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Mar 7, 2012

8 Great Bank Heist Films

We all love classic bank heist films, the meticulous planning stages and ingenious ideas, the tense execution, and, of course, all the trials and tribulations as they the crew try to make away with the loot. Double crossings, police interference, shoot-outs and high-speed chases; they’re all elements of a great heist flick.
What’s more is that heist films are part of a small sub-set of films where we get to do something we don’t usually: root for the bad guys. For all their thieving, we often find these characters cast in a sympathetic light, a small band of underdogs taking on a great, financial behemoth. On that note, here are six crews who took on the challenge, with varying degrees of success.

1) Point Break

Point Break is one of the most favoured classic bank heist films up to today. Starring the late Patrick Swayze as a surfer and Keanu Reeves as an undercover cop, it concentrates not only on the ingenious bank robberies they pull off, but their developing friendship.
Using masks of past presidents and dressed in suits, these surfers rob banks to pay for their surfing lifestyle all over the world. Of course it doesn’t come without its hiccups adding to the excitement of this movie.

2) Ocean's Eleven

Another firm favourite and a very popular movie when it comes to classic bank heist films. Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon are among the eleven bank robbers who attempt to rob a casino’s vault. It’s a real tense, edge-of-your-seat thriller that twists and turns the whole way through.

3) Heat

Heat was made back in 1995 and was believed to have inspired real armed robberies around the world. Starring Al Pacino and Robert de Niro sharing the screen in a rare collaboration, this film is famous for its epic climactic shootout that stretches through busy city streets and leaves a trail of bodies in its wake.

4) The Bank Job

The bank job was a clever movie featuring a gang of robbers with a subterranean plan of entry. Though this isn’t a possibility in real life, as you would never get away with it, the idea and execution was phenomenal. It also included the help of corrupt cops and was a totally action packed movie from beginning to end. If you want to think of clever bank heists, then this has to be top of the list.

5) Bandits

This is one of the classic bank heist films with a real sense of humour, where Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton visit bank managers at their homes in the evenings, hold them hostage and then go to work with them in the morning, only to sneak out with the loot.
This isn’t the type of crime you could get away with in the real world, as there would be so many people that would be suspicious and call for assistance, but the way it was carried out was so clever and thought through, they hit their bumps in the road after taking Cate Blanchette hostage, who ends up helping, in a funny take on bank robberies and pulling them off.

6) The Silent Partner

This old movie must have been one of the cleverest classic bank heist films to date. Taken from a completely different angle it focuses on Elliot Gould, a teller at a bank, who finds out his bank is going to be robbed. Taking advantage of the situation he puts money aside for himself, knowing the bank robber will take it with the loot. However, the bank robber catches on and it spirals out of control from there.

If you love classic bank heist films then you know very seldom do you find two alike, they are so clever and you have to wonder if they are possible to pull off, though the security in these movies is never up to scratch, not like you would find in real world banks today.
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