5 Things You Can Offer Your Customers Besides your Main Digital Product or Service
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Mar 5, 2012

5 Things You Can Offer Your Customers Besides your Main Digital Product or Service

Whether you have an online business or are just working as an independent freelancer for other people and companies, there are always a lot of opportunities around that you can tap into and augment your main services or products.
No matter what kind of work you do, if it has anything to do with the Web or digital media, you can be sure it’s possible to build upon it and offer other things that will help your clients.With that in mind, here are just a few services you can offer your customers besides your main product or service online:
Web hosting.
If your main service involves setting up a website or app, you can easily make more money and help your client out by not only recommending, but actually providing a hosting account. You can make a commission and your client gets a great hosting company that they can trust (obviously, choose one that is good!).
SEO services.

If you’re offering content or website creation services, offering Search Engine Optimization services is a great way to increase sales and offer more to your customers at the same time. Basic SEO these days can be summarized to creating good content and finding places to get backlinks from. If you have multiple customers, you can offer some of them free articles/video/audio in exchange for links to your other customer’s sites, or you can buy the links for cheap and resell them for a higher price – the extra time investment would be minimal, yet the ROI can be quite big.
Competition analysis.

Obviously, if you’re good at what you do, you’re already experienced in finding and testing your competitor’s strength. You can offer that service to your clients, as well! Whether you design websites, create apps or content, there will always be clients who need some good advice in how to go about finding their competition (you’d be surprised how many people new to the Web don’t even know their site has competitors) and creating a viable business strategy for outmatching them – and you’ve already got all the knowledge necessary to do both!
Marketing advice.

Marketing advice also goes hand in hand with competition analysis. For people and companies who are new to the Internet (and there’s plenty of them, especially local shops that want to grow or go country-wide or even international), you could offer marketing strategies and advice on how to compete online with other companies. You can also leverage your other contacts to help set up joint ventures and partnerships between people – they’d be glad and you’d be making a pretty penny.
Consulting services.

You can also do a lot of other consulting work – aside from marketing, SEO and business advice, you can help your customers with anything else they might need. As a freelancer or company that specializes on online stuff, you’re probably more than adept at finding out the right information and making things happen on the Web. If not, you most definitely can find someone who is, and connect them with your customer or better yet, act as a middle man – the opportunities in this case are endless, and you don’t even have to invest a lot of time if you do everything right!
There’s a lot of opportunity for making money and building a business on the Web, and you should definitely explore the possibility of offering additional things along with your main product. The above five services are just the beginning – use them directly or to find something that would work fine with the service/product you’re offering.

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