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Feb 20, 2012

Vegas Movies

Maybe you’re still recovering from your last visit to Las Vegas and fancy reliving some of the memories, or perhaps you’re saving up for an amazing trip and want something to wet your taste buds? Either way, this list of awesome Vegas movies will put you on the right road to satisfying those needs!

Oceans 11

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The perfect casino robbery film, you can choose from the original or the new re-make (which was just as good, if not better). The Oceans 11 films are witty, smart and sharp. The characters are great as are the plot lines – and you get to finish the film off with an amazing casino robbery. You’ll love this film if you’re a fan of heist movies!
Rain Man

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Rain Man still remains one of the most surprising Vegas movies. Based around the life of an Autistic man who inherits a huge amount of money and decides to take it all to Vegas. This film has a fantastic case (Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman) and gives away something a little deeper than the average Vegas movie.

The Hangover

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This is probably the most famous Vegas film at the moment, and seems to go about exploring everything the city has to offer. The plot follows the (rather eventful) bachelor party of a young group of men as they take on Vegas and plan to have the time of their lives. Interestingly though, the plot all happens the morning after as they try to piece together the night before, and get the groom to his wedding on time. The film is absolutely hilarious and brilliantly cast and scripted.


So this film isn’t actually set in Vegas for very long (you’ll have to wait until the very end) – but totally worth adding to this list because of the amazingly shot Las Vegas plane crash during the last few scenes. The film is great too (it’s about a plane which gets taken over by convicts as an under police man tries to stop them) so it’s a win all round.

Definitely a new Las Vegas classic, this is an edgy and original film about a student who takes to gambling in Las Vegas to raise money for his studies, and finds Las Vegas has more of a hold on him than he’d ever have thought it could. It’s a fantastic film, with just the right amount of humour, romance, gambling and action. With Kevin Spacey as the supporting role, the cast is pretty top-notch too.

This is the ultimate Las Vegas movie, and considered one of the major classic of modern cinema. This amazingly shot film (by Scorsese) shows the glittering and glamorous side of Vegas as well as the brutal and crime ridden one. The film stars Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone and concentrates on the lives of two mobster best friends as they struggle with their gambling and casino empire.
Indecent Proposal

A young married couple who are struggling financially head to Vegas to gamble everything they own and win the money back. However after their idea flops and they lose it all, an indecent proposal from a passing stranger could solve all their problems. Set among the glamorous hotels of Vegas and playing up to the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle – this film is everything you’d expect from a Vegas movie. A good alternative for those who aren’t a fan of the heist options though.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This film (before the Hangover came along) was one of the funniest and wackiest Las Vegas films. The film (staring the magnificent Johnny Depp) follows the travels of a young journalist as he covers the motorcycle show for his magazine. It’s gets a little wackier though as he and his friend go on a mad trip to find the “American Dream” in their (now famous) red convertible.

Thanks to Ladbrokes Bingo for this great roundup of Vegas Movies. If you have anymore to add, please leave a comment below.