Top 3 YouTube to MP3 Conversion Sites
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Feb 2, 2012

Top 3 YouTube to MP3 Conversion Sites

YouTube has become the internet's most dominant video hosting site, providing amateurs and celebs alike with a medium for sharing their songs and videos with the online community. Upon uploading your files to YouTube, the media is converted in the FLV (Flash Video) format. FLVs are optimized for the web, enabling sites like YouTube to host high quality content while making efficient use of web space. But if want to download your YouTube videos for use offline, you may find that FLVs aren't supported by your Smartphone or MP3 player. Avoid compatibility issues and save your YouTube videos in the MP3 format. While you may find a plethora of sites that offer YouTube to MP3 conversion, the following three sites round out the top tier of YouTube conversion services.

Convert your favorite YouTube media into MP3 audio files using Xenra's online media converter. After copying and pasting your YouTube video's URL into Xenra's text field, you'll be presented with several download options for capturing and converting your link at different quality levels. Simply select "MP3" option from the menu box next to the desired quality, and then click on the adjacent "Download" button to save the video as an audio file. Xenra also features a browser plug-in, which enables you to capture your YouTube videos without having to navigate to Xenra's homepage whenever you want to convert a video into MP3 format. And if you need storage space for your converted YouTube MP3 files, sign up for a free Xenra account to backup your converted media online.

Use Offliberty's online YouTube Downloader, or converter to transform your Youtube videos into MP3 format. Offliberty can convert Youtube media into MP3s at an impressive 256kbps (KiloBit Per Second), which falls on the higher end of MP3 audio quality. After locating your Youtube video and copying its URL, simply paste the link into the Offliberty's conversion box. Or get the browser shortcut. After your Youtube video has been converted, you have the option to download the ripped MP3 file or an MP4 video of it.

Visit ListentoYoutube's website to convert your YouTube videos into MP3 files. After copying your video's URL and pasting it into ListentoYoutube's text box, select your audio's quality setting from the two options beneath the box. You can select either "Standard Quality" or "High Quality." Note: the "High Quality" option is ineffective if the YouTube video is encoded in standard quality. After click on the site's "Go" button, your YouTube link will be converted into MP3 format. And then after a brief conversion period, ListentoYoutube will generate a download link for your audio.

This article was written by Shon, owner of Australia's first dedicated YouTube to MP3 website.