Pop Quiz: What are the Best Trivia Apps?
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Feb 4, 2012

Pop Quiz: What are the Best Trivia Apps?

Are you a know-it-all? Hot on the pursuit of all answers trivial? If so, then what you need are some great trivia game apps to download onto your phone! Whether you have a photographic memory, love to learn new things, or simply enjoy a good game, there’s never been a better time to find all kinds of trivia apps. And now you can take your mad trivia knowledge skills to the next level with cross-platform and multiplayer functionality!

Ben Stein: It’s Trivial (Griptonite Games):
If you’re looking for a single-player trivia game app, you’ll probably want to take a look at Ben Stein: It’s Trivial. It’s not hard to imagine that a Ben Stein trivia game is going to give you both attitude and a challenge, and It’s Trivial does just that. This app has a lively retro graphical interface, regular and bonus rounds, and because it has Ben Stein’s name on it, you’ll get Ben Stein’s lip to go with. Get a question right, get a wry comment. Get a comment wrong, Ben slams you. Voice clips add a personal touch to an entertaining game. (IOS, Android)

Trivia Pursuit (Electronic Arts):
EA’s update to the classic game allows you to play with up to four players via Wi-Fi connection— and who wants to play Trivia Pursuit by themselves anyway? If you’re worried about running out of new questions to answer, or if you want a more specific topic focus, EA currently has five expansion packs available for purchase (TV, General Knowledge, Movies, Encyclopedia and Sports). The game also provides customizable time limits and difficulty levels for a more individualized game experience. (IOS, Android)

Trivia: Knowledge Trainer from Binary Family:
More than most, this trivia game is far more than just a game, it tracks your Trivia Knowledge Quotient as you play, and an adaptive question generator that ups the difficulty level as you get more questions correct—and dumbs the questions down if you’re getting too many wrong. Other features include a review function for missed questions, and the ability to play American, British and Australian-specific questions. Regional and world rankings show you where you stand against all other players. (IOS)

Trivia by Sporcle:
Aside from the straightforward and easy to navigate interface, the Trivia by Sporcle phone app provides phone gamers access to the massive user-generated database of trivia questions that Sporcle has been providing since their start in 2007. While most games use a more general set of trivia questions, the Sporcle advantage is in the extremely specific types of questions that users post for play. You can search for trivia questions by date posted, or go to the Categories section and pick a topic to challenge yourself with. Best of all, new games are added every day. (IOS, Android)

TriviaBurst by E5 / Bit33:
Opinions may vary, but this should be right at the top of anyone’s trivia app list. The first big advantage to what is touted as the Apple Store’s most popular trivia game is that it’s OpenFeint and HeyZap enabled, allowing you to compete in rankings against tens of thousands of other players. TriviaBurst also links to Facebook so you can get your FB friends gaming with you as well. If that’s not enough, TriviaBurst supports user-generated content, providing a new level of difficulty and obscure trivia questions—at present count, 40,000+ questions, and counting. Flashy interface that’s easy to navigate rounds out this fantastic trivia app. Get it now. (IOS, Android)

Author Bio: John Fisher also writes for www.triviaquestions.net, and enjoys everything from music trivia questions to a geography quiz.