Must have household robots
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Feb 9, 2012

Must have household robots

2012 is surely the time for the robot revolution, or the only time, since the world is going to end in a few months, again. As long as we still have time, you might as well sell your possessions and buy these amazingly helpful robots.

iRobot Roomba 570
Nobody wants to vacuum their own house. The new iRobot Roomba 570 features improved navigation, in order to move through the house more efficiently. It can un-tangle itself from the carpet, clean corners and edges and even tells you when something is wrong. The Roomba also has a remote control, which enables you to move your robot wherever you want (as long as you can see where it is going).
iRobot Roomba 570
The Roomba also has improved Lighthouse technology installed, which ensures that it sweeps the whole room and enables it to calculate how large a room is. This way, it will clean the whole room before moving onto the next one, leaving no dust or bunnies behind. It follows a time schedule religiously (which you can enter into the Roomba’s interface) and recharges itself when running low on battery power.

Zucchetti Lawnbott
This little Italian-designed lawn cutting robot is light and small and can still cut your lawn with precision and speed that is rarely seen among automated lawnmowers.
Zucchetti Lawn Robot
This Lawnbott determines the growth rate of your lawn and adapts its schedule so that the grass will always be cut to the length you want. It can handle an impressive  33,000 square foot area, and can cruise on a 27 degree slope without shutting down. You can also run this robot on Sundays, since it is very quiet (no more rocks thrown at you from the neighbour’s house).

If you need a date night with your wife or husband, but you don’t have someone to call, what should you do? Power up your Wakamaru nanny robot, which will care of everything, of course! This human sized robot was created in Japan and is designed to keep an eye on the elderly and your children. It can be programmed to contact you  or a designated person should anything go wrong

yellow wakamaru robot picture
It is also programmed to contact the hospital or police if it recognises a problem with the children or elderly people. It will follow your parents and children around and is able to interact with humans as well as recognise facial expressions. It currently recognises 10,000 words, which isn’t a bad start for a lifeless being.

Rovio Spy Robot
When you’re away from home on a business trip, or on holiday, you need someone to look after your home. Hiring someone to look after your home is an option, but wouldn’t you rather have Rovio the security bot zipping through your home, scanning for danger? With the power of Wi-Fi, you are able to control this spy robot from anywhere in the world with a console control, mobile phone or pc. You’ll be able to check on your pets to see if they have been fed, or browse the house to see if anything is misplaced.
Rovio Spy Robot

Robotic chairs which follow you around...
In a German library, a Dutch designer, Jelte van Geest's created a chair which follows you around the library so that you will have a place to sit if you want to flick through a book. As soon as you walk out of the library, it wanders back to its original location and waits for the next client. When it comes into commercial production, it should be great to have around the office or home when you really need to sit, or when someone tells you to “sit down a minute, we need to talk...”
Robotic Chair

Author Byline: Ruan is an experienced content writer and kid at heart who spends his down time with his children, either making lego models or buying them the next toy on their wishlist (currently the imaginext batcave).