The Music Industry: A Dying Sector [Infographic]
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Feb 29, 2012

The Music Industry: A Dying Sector [Infographic]

Considering the mass consumption of all things media, and the constant reports mothers are reading on how TV and Music are infecting our youth, usually in a negative way, you would think the entertainment industry is doing just fine.  In fact, I'm constantly wondering why I watch so many TV shows, on a typical Thursday, I counted I have 6 TV shows I watch, but of course DVR many to catch on a later date.  But that in there is the exact problem.  Technology has allowed the public to develop ways around paying directly for their services.  The digital revolution has required the entertainment industry adapt to match the desires of the public, but it has been slow to react.  Now other actions like digital piracy affect the wellbeing of the industry, reflecting large losses in sales and dramatic numbers for potential diminished employment opportunities.  Our following infographic from SEO services company, WebpageFX, illustrates these changing times.

Author Bio: Shane is a business guru and a musician, who's passion lies where those two interests collide.  Naturally they revolve around the music industry.  As a result, he has become consumed by the effects of digital piracy on his beloved industry.