Medical Apps for Your IPhone
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Feb 27, 2012

Medical Apps for Your IPhone

If you are a doctor, nurse, or healthcare worker, your iPhone may seem like a godsend. With over 10,000 apps in the app store labeled medical, fitness, or healthcare, there's plenty of power to bring crucial information to your fingertips when you need it most. Here are some of the best apps for medical professionals.

This easy to use calculator provides access to medical formulas, scores, and scales, along with information and references. Some of the tools include a pregnancy wheel, ballard score, growth charts, and blood level calculations for acute ingestion. If you input a value that is not plausible, the app will highlighted the number in red and block the calculation, to prevent error.

This app has proven especially popular with med students, as it allows the user to manipulate a virtual 3D image of a heart, observing the organ from all angles and to perform virtual dissections and label parts. The latest version (3.1) has improved, more detailed animation, a pen tool, and new audio pronunciations. Users can also create notes and share screenshots.

Pocket Derm:
Designed for use by dermatologists or non-specialists, this app contains more than 50 diagnoses of common skin diseases. Users can search by diagnosis and view photographs illustrating various conditions. There is also a glossary containing important definitions.

This resource contains invaluable drug references for both prescription and non-prescription medications. It provides many formulas and calculations and gives users an easy way to check for drug interactions. Some of the tools include diagnostic tools, disease treatment guidelines, and a pill ID system.

ECG Rhythms:
The app simulates an ECG monitor, sending images of wave forms across the IPhone screen. Students have especially benefited from the ability to choose from over 80 different kinds of wave forms and then guess the correct answer. The images are accompanied by detailed clinical information about each kind of rhythm.

Informed EMS Field Guide:
Used by many emergency medical service workers, this app provides information about medications, doses, assessment, and other tools. It also contains crucial cardiac care algorithms. Information is organized by category (trauma, poisons, emergency medications, etc.) and there are also flow-charts indicating triage steps.

Eye Handbook:
Eye care professionals will find much that is useful in this app, which contains a medication list, coding section, informative lectures, and a calculator. The latest version has been supplemented with information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, including an eye atlas and list of codes.

Speed Muscles MD:
This app works like a set of flashcards, using games to test the ability of the student to identify human muscles. Responses are measured for precision and timing, offering points for competitive learners. It is especially recommended for anatomy students.

The Merck Manual:
The portable version of the standard reference manual, this app can be used even without a Wi- Fi or internet connection. Users can easily search through topics and bookmark important passages. The text contains definitions and a guide to symptoms.

The latest version of the International Classification of Diseases is made easily accessible by this app, which is particularly useful for finding codes and locating symptoms by category. Some of the searchable categories include mental disorders, respiratory diseases, and congenital anomalies. Users can bookmark codes that they use frequently.

Normal Lab Values:
Professionals who need to quickly interpret test results will be able to do so with this app, which has a search field enabling normal values to be found easily. Reference values are shown in both US and SI units. Users can search by either category or alphabetically.

Mental Illness:
This app contains a searchable database with clinical information about diagnoses and treatment. The most recent version has an improved user interface. Recommended for students and professionals.

NEJM This Week:
The latest news and articles from the New England Journal of Medicine are made easily available to users of this app. This includes peer-reviewed research, editorial opinions, and advances in medical technology. Articles are accompanied by photographs and video.

Author: Stephanie Harrington works for a nurses registry and writes for, a site exploring the best online msn programs, as well as full details, MSN Reviews and Rankings.