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Feb 26, 2012

Incredible Movie Posters

Graphic designers draw inspiration from just about everywhere. Lthough we all have different creative processes, we all take inspiration from the the things we encounter on a daily basis. However, there are some things that have more of an impact than others, and for me, one thing that really stands out as having an impact on my life as a designer was seeing a poster at the cinema for Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange.
This iconic poster is rather haunting, and portrays the sheer madness of the film brilliantly. As soon as I saw the poster, I couldn’t simply had to see the movie – I was shocked at how much of an effect it had at me.
Convey an Entire Movie in Just One Image
What a task that would be; to convey an entire movie in just one image. You, the artist, given a chance to display your interpretation of the movie on just one page. Instantly I became a huge fan of movie posters and then my obsessive collecting began. It was also then that I decided I wanted to start thinking about finding away into the world of design and I started searching for graphic design jobs.
Movie posters have been used for as long as movies have been played to the public. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that illustration became a big part of the advertisement, and looking back through history, there are some truly fine examples to be found. There are thousands of companies out there, who specialise in collectable posters, and it really is worth delving in to see what’s on offer. Even if you’re not a collector, the right item could be the perfect addition to your home.
Even today, designers produce some incredible artwork to help with the promotion of multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbusters, which pays testament to the sheer importance that these pieces have to the overall success of the movie. Not only are they amazing pieces of art, they are essential marketing tools.

My Top 5 Movie Posters

I’ve selected 5 of my favourite movie posters from recent years, to share with you in this post. Some were used to help promote some of the most successful movies ever, whilst others are from lesser-known films. Either way, they are truly beautiful pieces and I hope you join me appreciating them.
So, in no particular order, my top 5 movie posters of all time.

Taxi Driver

La Dolce Vita

Man with the Golden Gun

District 9


This article was written by Barry Magennis – a movie fan, designer and lover of all things digital.