How Driverless Cars Work and Their Potential Impact [Infographic]
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Feb 28, 2012

How Driverless Cars Work and Their Potential Impact [Infographic]

Driverless cars might seem like part of a distant future, but innovators have already begun to develop and test them on the road, and legislation sanctioning autonomous vehicles has already been proposed. Google received a patent just last summer for self-driving car technology, and major automakers like GM, Audi, and BMW are also making headway on their own driverless car projects.
This infographic breaks down driverless car technology, and how these vehicles are becoming not only possible, but also practical. In fact, some of the systems that make these vehicles work are actually quite similar to features included in the car you're driving today. The graphic also examines the legislation proposed in Hawaii and Florida, and the legislation that has already been passed in Nevada, sanctioning driverless cars on roads across the state.

Aside from the technological and legal progress we still need to make, driverless cars could change traffic safety forever by eliminating distracted driving once and for all -- saving billions of dollars and thousands of lives in the process.
Infographic by Denver personal injury law firm, the Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen.