World's Funniest Car Crashes
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Jan 12, 2012

World's Funniest Car Crashes

People love to watch videos, especially funny videos that involve silly things that happen to other people. Watching funny car crash videos is very popular on YouTube. When people buy a used car, they sometimes get into accidents because they are not used to driving their newly bought vehicle. Sometimes, it is easy to get distracted while driving and this is how a lot of car crashes happen. Now that YouTube is so popular, a lot of this is documented on film.

On many occasions, no one gets seriously hurt in the car crashes. The only thing that gets banged up is their bank account when it comes to paying for the damage created by the crash.
Often, in funny car crashes, there are no other vehicles involved, but the driver has somehow lost control of their vehicle and made some rather silly mistakes.

A compilation of several crashes.

Often, when a funny car crash happens, it is because the driver gets distracted or makes an error in judging the distance to an oncoming object. Quite a few accidents have happened to elderly people who have lost control of the big vehicles they are driving. Sometimes, people do get hurt when these rather spectacular and weird crashes happen. Some individuals panic when they see an oncoming object or misjudge distance and then they hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. It is good to be prepared in emergency situations, but it is not always possible to keep a cool head when the actual situation arises. Taking a driver training course is the best way to prepare to avoid accidents. The driving instructor has a steering wheel, brake and gas pedals on their side of the vehicle and is able to override anything the student does. The driving instructor can help prepare students to develop proper reflexes when it comes to avoiding unforeseen obstacles while on the road.

Another short but funny video

Judging by some of these videos that are linked to this article, there are a lot of people who should definitely not be on the road. This is a sobering thought for other drivers and shows that everyone driving must be alert at all times. It is usually the silly mistakes that 'other drivers' make that cause accidents. People cutting in front or driving too fast or too slow are often the reason that accidents happen. The list of videos is by no means exclusive and there are plenty more funny car crash videos on YouTube for anyone interested. These videos may be funny but they are very sobering in that it is so easy to get distracted or panic when something out of the ordinary happens.

This is a funny car chase.
Car accident involving old lady.
This crash happened in Jamaica.
Funny accident caught on CCTV camera.
This is a furious, funny car accident.
This one takes place in Egypt.

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