What's Good About the New YouTube Design?
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Jan 24, 2012

What's Good About the New YouTube Design?

youtubeLogoWith the announcement of the new $100 million strategy to incorporate original design and content, YouTube has planned an intensive six week schedule to enhance the user experience. Owned by Google, YouTube's new design will see many transformations and benefits caused by Google's far reaching influence in the virtual world.

One of the most striking features of the new YouTube is the bold and futuristic look. Designed aesthetically to reflect a sharper UXDriven website, the new look of YouTube is pleasant and sophisticated. The Channels 3.5 design is simple and easy to navigate.

In the new and improved YouTube design, advertising on channels is more organized and well thought out. The flexible designing to place advertising allows the channel user to customize and create user flows and layouts that effective rather than the previous practice of randomly placing uploads and playlists. The new decision divides the YouTube UI in three or more environments. This tabbed browsing quality includes different environments like Videos, Feed, Custom and Featured. Making the UI more simplistic, the new design is compartmentalized to feature different types of content.

Another positive addition to the new design of YouTube is the integration of Google+. Although this change does not directly add to the features of the website, YouTube's reach will expand further with the addition of other Google ventures. The addition of the Google Search Plus Your World will make YouTube more powerful and accessible than before. Google's power on paid and organic searches will take YouTube to newer levels of visibility.

Marketers prefer to invest in websites that are capable of monitoring the viewers to detect patterns and make advertising more effective. Realizing the importance of analytics, YouTube followed the footsteps of Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to introduce the YouTube Analytics. This platform is robust and is accompanied by new metrics to monitor the website for demographics, views, comments, shares and measure Likes, Dislikes and playbacks.

Author Bio: Annabelle is a writer by profession and likes to blog about her varied interests. She represents Airsoft Gun and BB gun online store.