Remembering Cars Wrecked in Movies 😢
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Jan 17, 2012

Remembering Cars Wrecked in Movies 😢

It seems that every year movies have to one-up the previous generations by spending more money, producing better graphics, or performing more outrageous stunts. Some of these stunts require LOTS of money and LOTS of cars to deliver the bad-ass car chases, explosions, and pileups scenes that you love.

Stunt Cars at Stunning Costs:

1) Casino Royale 3 Cars

Aston Martin DBS 2009
James Bond set the standard for action movies and car chases and still continues today. During the movie, three Aston Martins were destroyed with a value of $300k each. That means the cost for the cars alone was almost $1 million.

2) Blues Brothers

Bluesmobile Replica - Dallas - Wikimedia
Blues Brothers is a classic movie that has one of the best police car pile-ups ever. In order to create these types of scenes, they wrecked a record amount of cars, 103 to be exact, in the film. In the 1998 film the Blues Brothers, the new movie had to one-up the old one by beating the record with 104.

3) Smokey and the Bandit

Pontiac Trans Am 1977 - Wikimedia
Another classic movie with great car chase scenes weaving in and out of 18 wheelers and faking funerals to block the cops. In total, the movie crashed five cars in the film including the 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am “Special Edition” and the Pontiac LeMans which were donated by Pontiac.

Stunt Cars YouTube Playlist

4) Gone in 60 Seconds

Gone in 60 seconds is another one of those great fast car, ultimate heist, and intense-action kind of movies. During a 34 minute car chase scene, the movie crashed or destroyed 93 cars in total.

5) Starsky and Hutch

Inspired by an action-packed show from the 1970s, Starsky and Hutch the movie used about ten 1975-76 Ford Gran Torinos in its production.

6) GI Joe

As any boy growing up with GI Joe action figures, this movie is a must see action flick for the graphics and action alone. The movie ended up wrecking over 112 cars which broke the Blues Brothers previous record of 104.

7) Dukes of Hazzard

Dukes of Hazzard is another classic show started in the 70s that turns into a movie decades later. The movie destroyed about 30 cars in total while the show destroyed over 300 during the entire life of the show.

8) Fast and the Furious

Of course a movie dedicated to awesome cars and fast racing is going to require a lot of cars for production. Built in Southern California's San Fernando Valley, there were about 240 cars built for the film.

9) The Matrix Reloaded

The matrix series captivated the imaginations and hearts of many viewers for both the mind-blowing story lines and the action. GM is rumored to have donated 300 cars for the production of the movie and all 300 were destroyed by the end.

10) Transformers Dark of the Moon

Year after year somebody has to come and break some record! In the third transformer movie released in September of 2011, the movie broke the record once again for the most cars destroyed at 532.

There are many more movies with great and radical car scenes that aren’t on the list. Feel free to share other great car scenes and movies with amazing car stunts.

This list was put together with the help of Vroom Vroom Vroom.