Latest Advancement in Smartphones Technology: Corded Handset
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Jan 31, 2012

Latest Advancement in Smartphones Technology: Corded Handset

What would encourage smartphone users to purchase handsets for their devices? It proves more entertaining to ask is why would these users buy these larger-looking corded handsets? Considering the options of the Bluetooth ear clips and the white ear-buds, it proves common sense as to why consumers are now more interested in headsets. If one thinks about it, assume you are sitting in an airport, and someone is sitting next to you speaking loudly with their ear- buds/clips on.

The images portrayed of these mobile phone users are intolerable, rude people who crave for everyone around them to hear them. It proves clear that not all ear-bud/clip users exhibit these traits, but if they chose to use handsets, it would give them a “regular” phone-feel, with increasing comfort ability which would give them an excuse to lower their voices when out in public talking on their phones.

How many times have you received inappropriate or freezing stares while using the ear-buds and ear-clips because passerby’s thought you were talking to yourself? The mobile headset lets you talk on the phone minus the strange looks because people will see the cord, making it clear you are talking on the mobile phone, instead of yourself.

There is an extra benefit with corded handsets; the cellphone attachments protect mobile users from certain forms of radiation that has been proved carcinogenic to users. What does this mean? It means that where the corded handset may not appear as cool as ear-buds or ear-clips, but it does prove safer to use.

A company titled “Yubz” began making corded handsets in the early 2,000s. Unbelievably, this product was originally created as gag-gifts for people who were steering away from their landlines and opting for cellphones as their primary phone line. After the beginning phase of the marketing launch for the product, the scare of cellphone radiation began circulating. Yubz decided to change their marketing strategy to include acompellingdetail about their product which was, “a reduction of cell phone radiation” with the use of their product. They include these helpful-findings on the corded handset packing materials.

The company “Imobifone” offers the latest and most cost-efficient handset market on the market. Their corded handsets retail for twenty-five dollars. “A + R” offers a French designer edition by David Turpi. The handsets come in colors such as magenta, yellow and virtually any pop-color you can imagine. Consumers are raving about these corded handsets due to the cute and stylish factors of the products. A + R corded handsets will run consumers thirty dollars.

Corded handsets will grow in popularity in the future. These products are stable and easier to keep track of. How many times have you lost your ear buds or ear clips? If you have lost the buds/clips often, you can demonstrate how expensive this becomes over a period? Handsets are larger and harder to lose. Even if, you lose a corded handset, they prove economical in replacing.

Author Bio: The post is contributed by William Taylor. William is fervent supporter of cloud computing and latest technologies. His world revolves around new and expensive gizmos.