Contemporary Art in the 21st Century
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Jan 14, 2012

Contemporary Art in the 21st Century

For millennia, art has been a staple form of expression for billions of people throughout the ages. Some prefer to sit back and admire the creations of others, whilst some want to be in the driving seat, creating artwork as much as time will allow. Whilst creativity can be stifled for some, for others, it comes as naturally as a baby taking to water.
Art itself has constantly changed form, often dictated through what is most popular at the time. Contemporary art today is so diverse, taking hundreds of different forms from abstract to impressionist. One thing that has stayed constant throughout the past few decades is that it is widely collected by keen art enthusiasts.

The definition of contemporary art
"Contemporary art" as a phrase could be defined as art which is produced at this present moment. Alternatively, it can be described as art which has been created since World War II. The definition of the actual word "contemporary" would support the view that it's art created in the present. But museums of contemporary art often define their contemporary art collections as consisting of art which has been produced since World War II.
Contemporary art itself continues to challenge the concept of how art is described. This is because 'fine art' used to describe traditional art, but there is now an influx of modern fine art. It is becoming increasingly difficult to put art in a 'box' to categorise it.

Contemporary artists today
There are many artists alive today creating beautiful fine art, such as Fabian Perez and Jack Vettriano. Their art portrays the female figure in particular, in romantic and atmospheric scenes. Their art has remained incredibly popular throughout the noughties, collected by many art collectors and sold for high prices. To be a living artist and still sell your art so widely (and for big prices) is a great achievement.
There's also a big collection of artists alive today, which carry the 'definition' of a contemporary artist, creating very modern art which doesn't conform to how 'fine art' is usually described. Such artists include the likes of Alexander Millar and Doug Hyde, who paint wonderful pieces depicting large, bold characters.
The emotion stirred by these kind of painting is just a rich as you might find from looking at a piece of fine art. These contemporary artists have mastered how to depict characters in such a way that you feel great fondness for them. Doug Hyde paints bold, larger than life faces and animal faces, yet in a soft and gentle way. You can't help but feel great admiration for the way this is done. Similarly, Alexander Millar fills the canvas with a character or two, but they are always in amusing or touching situations.
Contemporary art is far too fluid to be defined properly, and in this new century, it's likely that art will not be segmented in such a way as it has been in the 20th century.

The Enid Hutt Gallery is a Scottish Art Gallery selling art by hundreds of contemporary artists such as Doug Hyde.  This includes canvas prints, wall decor and sculptures by modern artists.