Become An Art Director, A Creative Visual Dream
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Jan 5, 2012

Become An Art Director, A Creative Visual Dream

 There are many creative professions that appeal to creative individuals and will have them creating a career from what they love to do and where their passion lies. Advertising has become a multimillion dollar industry with many people enjoying careers in the industry. One aspect of the advertising industry and one of the most important and prominent ones is the role of an art director. If you would like to become an art director then read on and evaluate if this sounds like something you may have an interest in and you may find yourself in an office for rent New York or anywhere else in the world in no time.
If you are creatively inclined in terms of visual arts and are interested in brands and advertising then becoming an art director may be a career choice you may want to take into consideration. An art director communicates through the use of visual imagery, may it be content for advertisements like TV, magazines, billboards or websites or movies. When you become an art director you work with a copywriter conceptualizing a concept for a particular advert, once the concept has been formulated and finalized, it is then art directors job to communicate the concept through the different mediums and designs being utilized.

Becoming an art director means that you have final say of the visual imagery. It needs to create a mood, be purposeful, be emotive and cleary communicate the reasoning behind the advertisement. You may ask how do I become an art director? Well, there will be various creative institutions that you may enroll with. You can do a 2 year diploma but it’s better to do the three year degree. To answer one question on how do you become an art director, the degree will be a bachelor of arts and you will then specialize in art direction. Upon completion of your degree in becoming an art director you will be able to complete an internship, if you excel and show your worth, it is very possible you may have the opportunity to get a permanent position at that company. The hours may be long and stress will be an occurrence due to the deadline requirements and fussy clients but it is well worth it if that is where your passion lies.
Whether in some offices to rent Chelsea or the comfort of your own house doing the freelance thing, if you want to become an art director follow your passion, work hard and enjoy the success.

Author Bio: Sarah Mancini is an avid writer of the different careers available to individuals and gives some information on them and how to get into that specific path.