5 Movies Best Watched on VHS
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Jan 4, 2012

5 Movies Best Watched on VHS

Even with all of today’s high tech devices and the ability to watch just about anything, anywhere – there are still some things that should stay the same. One such activity is movie watching. Not just any movie watching, though, but rather the way we did it back in the “old days” – on VHS.
Over the years, there may have been numerous updates to the way that special effects are created, shows that can be watched in 3-D, and even interactive technology that allows us to participate. But there’s nothing quite like popping some popcorn and sliding in a VHS tape to watch one of our favorites.
Here are just a few movies that seem to stand out from the rest in terms of VHS viewing. Most of them may very likely take you back a few years!


If the thought of going back in time to watch a VHS tape isn’t horrifying enough, then watching “Sledgehammer” will scare you right out of the living room! This 1983 flick is your basic horror plot featuring a group of young people spending the night in a remote house, unaware that there’s a maniacal killer in the mix.
Because this production was originally shot on tape, it gives off a dime-store feel that’s highly appreciated by those who are still big fans of VHS. To top things off, the unprofessional lighting and sound will place this show at the top of your VHS viewing list.

Gone in 60 Seconds

Regardless of whether you’re a Nicolas Cage lover or hater, his portrayal of Randall “Memphis” Raines – an ex professional car thief – is flawless. This classic from 2000 includes its share of car chases, bad guys, and of course Angelina Jolie. What more could you ask!

Fight Club

Even though this flick failed to meet box office expectations back in 1999, it is still regarded as one of that year’s most talked about films. The movie does feature a fair amount of violence – originally intended to portray the metaphor of the conflict between the young generation and the value system of advertisers. Now considered to be more of a cult classic, the movie’s reputation has become more positive over the years.


No matter how many times you hear Leslie Nielson say, “And stop calling me Shirley,” it’s hard not to at least giggle – even after 30 years. With a somewhat weak plot, one of the best things about this flick is what goes on in the background.
Along with poor effects and crazy scene changes, it all mixes together for a lot of good laughs. So, if you’re up for a good, senseless, slapstick type of mood, a good 90 minutes with a VHS tape of “Airplane” will definitely do the trick.

A Muppet Family Christmas

What holiday season wouldn’t be complete without Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy? In this classic VHS flick, Jim Henson takes all of his Muppets, along with the gang from Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock, and puts them all together in this one special show.
This cute production includes lots of songs – yes, we all probably know most of the words – as well as an appearance by Jim Henson himself showing what a wonderful time the group can have being all together at Christmas. Kids and adults of all ages will love this one!

Author Bio: Anthony Silver is a lover of all movies and writes about them frequently for online publications. His favorite are indie dramas, but any good old movie is a favorite way for him to spend a Friday night.