You Aren't Blogging? Are You Kidding?
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Dec 8, 2011

You Aren't Blogging? Are You Kidding?

Blogging is a way of connecting with like-minded people. It is also a way to write about your interests, your life, your areas of expertise and whatever else comes to mind. On top of all the social and creative benefits of blogging, it is also a way to earn revenue. If you love to cook, you can blog about it and share what you know and what you learn not to do. If you love to talk about the silly things your grandkids say, you can blog about it and give other people a laugh or two. If you just want to publish rants about things that annoy you, blog about it so people who agree and disagree can chat with you. In this day and age, anyone of any age can blog. If you are not blogging and you can, now is the time to start.

People turn to the internet for conversation, friendship, information, laughs, news and just about everything else. If you have something you are passionate enough to write about often, chances are someone wants to read what you have to offer. Create a niche for your blog, be it how to household maintenance, how to beauty tips, personal journal-like entries or anything else. Decide what you want to write about and start writing. Once you have a few posts, start sharing with friends and family. Encourage them to comment and engage them in conversation. It is a great hobby that can eventually turn into something more.

Setting up and maintaining a blog has never been easier. Gone are the days when bloggers needed to know html code to set up their blogs. Now, nearly every major blogging platform has simple templates and gadgets that are user friendly. You can still customize using html if you wish, by looking online for codes however this is not necessary. There is no need to grab a "Blogging for Dummies" book and pore over it before beginning. Just join a platform, chat with users of that platform, come up with a concept that matches your blog's topic and find the template that best suits it. You will need a catchy name too.

Some blogging platforms do not allow advertisements without a pay account. However, there are plenty of free blogging platforms that allow you to put advertising up on the site and earn revenue off the advertising. Depending on the ad service you use, you can get paid for ad clicks, sales through those clicks and/or for page views. In the beginning, it will not add up to much, but as you build up an audience, your hobby will start bringing in money. You can use it to enhance your blog or reward yourself.
If you are still not motivated to blog, think about hobbies that are draining your bank account. Do you like RC vehicles, reading, watching movies or anything that other people like to do? Well, when you are done, review the vehicles you use, books you read or movies you watch. Post those reviews on your blog and start funding your other hobby. If you can build the blog for free and even just make a few dollars a month on advertising, you are helping pay for something else you really enjoy. The best part is, writing about stuff you are interested in and knowledgeable about is easy.

You may just be waiting for the right opportunity to start a blog, which is fine. However, if you wait too long, you will have wasted time you could have spent writing. If you are just too unfamiliar with blogging, turn to the search engines. The blogging community is full of advice for new bloggers. There are helpful folk who may even spend a rainy night chatting with you online and walking you through the steps. Making new friends and meeting helpful people may even be the best benefit of blogging. You will find out soon enough when you get started.

Author Bio: Natasha Carr is a freelance writer who blogs in her spare time and is also a featured writer for lifestyle, health and fitness articles for Sway magazine and  Are you spending too much on your car insurance?  Visit the Kanetix auto insurance quotes service and see if you're getting a competitive price today.