Top Ten Star Trek Villains
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Dec 31, 2011

Top Ten Star Trek Villains

Some of the best villains in fiction were written for Star Trek.
Here are my favorite villains and a little bit about them!

10. Q: Q is an omnipotent being who charges himself with maintaining his version of order in the universe. His unpredictability is one of the things that makes him most dangerous. Q and others of his kind sometimes offer insights into the failings of human culture, other times they judges their actions, and they often plays pranks on different Starfleet crews.

 9. Sela: The daughter of the deceased Enterprise-D officer, Natasha Yar and a Romulan general, Sela grew up hating humans and the United Federation of Planets. She tried to destabalize the Federation, first by working to destroy the relationship between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, then by trying to invade Vulcan.

8. Lore: Lore is an android that was created by Noonian Soong. Dr. Soong also created Lieutenant-Commander Data, an officer on the Enterprise-D. Lore went off the deep end, believing himself to be superior to all other lifeforms.

7. Kahn Noonien Singh: A genetically engineered man led his followers in a war on humanity. He confronted Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise two centuries later and nearly took over the ship. Kirk marooned him on a planet to keep him out of trouble. Kahn escaped and wanted vengeance.

6. The Vidiians: The Vidiians are a race with a plague that is wiping them out. In order to survive, they steal the organs and other body parts from other beings. They call it a fight for self-preservation. The USS Voyager is pitted against them several times.

5. Kai Winn Adami: Winn is a misguided spiritual and political leader on Bajor. She finally succeeded in gaining power through dishonest means. Although she had good motives, she eventually turns against her people.

4. Female Changeling: Her species were leaders of the powerful Dominion from the Gamma quadrant. The changelings were persecuted for years by “the solids.” This prompted them to found an enormous empire. “What you control can’t hurt you.” She isn’t afraid of killing millions of others in order to secure the safety of her species.

3. Weyoun: Weyoun is a sly diplomat from the Dominion. Those that do what he says get treated well by him. Otherwise, he sends an fighting force, the Jem’Hadar, to destroy you. He smiles his way through the door and stabs you in the back on the way out. That pleasant smile and genial laugh drive him insane.

2. Borg Queen: No leader has ever had such complete control over her minions as the Borg Queen. In her quest for perfection, she has subjected billions of individuals from thousands of different species to her rule. Those who are “assimilated” by the Borg are forced to do their bidding.

1. Gul Dukat: Another wiley politician, you never know what Dukat is going to do. Sometimes he acts like a friend. At other times, you know that he is nothing less than an enemy. He loves his children, yet he sold his people out to the Dominion to regain power. He is prideful and loves to hear the sound of his own voice. I believe that Dukat is the epitome of Star Trek evil.

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