The Top 5 YouTube Gaming Channels
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Dec 23, 2011

The Top 5 YouTube Gaming Channels

Gaming is big business, and it is a very serious business. If you’ve ever been trapped in a village in Skyrim, about to be tossed to the very tops of a tree by a woolly mammoth, you need to know where to get help. YouTube gaming Channels offer advice, reviews and some of the best cheats in the world.

NGT (NExt Gen Tactics) is loved by players of COD and all types of FSP games. It’s easy to use and the videos are well put together by professional gamers and technical wizards. You can learn about different strategies and how to really frag your opponent with fabulous firepower. NGT is more than just a video channel; it’s a forum, a website and offers some of the best game walkthroughs in the world.

Inecom presents the Classic Game Room on their YouTube channel, which is a resource for anyone who loves classic arcade games and pinball. CGR has a number of YouTube channels offering everything from comics and trailers to some solid reviews and tips and tactics for all levels of play.
NoobToob is the best resource for new gamers, but you will find many experienced gamers frequenting the channel because of the butt-kicking tips and tools for just about every type of game. NoobToob has been around for five years and covers every aspect of gaming, all games and how to load your weapons if you’re a beginner.
This is the spot to go to if you’re just getting into gaming. If you’re interested in the history of gaming then “All Your History Are Belong To Us” is a fabulous treat for noobies and experienced gamers alike. It’s a complete look at all your favourite games, how they came into being and how to beat any bad guy.

Yogscast offers excellent content, great walkthroughs and some of the funniest reviews available online. With nearly a million subscribers, Yogscast presents important, hysterically funny, gaming news from around the world. The channel has hundreds of videos and each one is delivered to give you the maximum amount of fun, humour and some great tips and tricks. Look for the Minecraft videos if you’re having trouble building your Airship. Let BlueXephos and Honeydew take you on whirlwind tour of everything to do with games

TotalBiscuit really takes the cake when it comes to fun and games and even fun and games for serious gamers. Watch TotalBiscuit and The Yogscast playing Magika or enter the world of Starcraft with the top players around the world. You can see championship games and delve into the very depths of gaming with the whacky gaming channels on YouTube.

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