Royalty Free Photos – 5 Reasons Why They’re Good for Your Blog
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Dec 12, 2011

Royalty Free Photos – 5 Reasons Why They’re Good for Your Blog

I know what you’re thinking; generic photos of “stocks crashing” with unhappy looking board members (or the opposite, with middle-aged men in suits slapping each other high-fives), women eating salad alone and smiling, healthy couples enjoying a seaside stroll. How could any of this possibly relate to your blog?

Like many other bloggers, you might be thinking that stock photography is better suited for corporate websites than for blogs. Well, I’d have to disagree with you there.

Although personal photography is always a nice touch, the reality is that you might not always have time to take a shot of your subject. The worst thing you can do is post a picture-less blog (how boring), so avoid that little faux-pas and consider some stock photography.

So without my further ado, here are 5 reasons why stock photos will rock the socks off your blog (and your blog readers).

1. Lets You Get Creative.

Stock photography is actually a surprisingly creative outlet. I know, you’d think that since you’re not the one actually taking the photos that your creativity would be stifled, but you’d be wrong on that count.

One of the great aspects about perusing sites like or is that you can create a portfolio of pics that you like. I basically start by looking for something specific that I need, then end up getting on all kinds of tangents and building a file of photos I love.

More than once I have rifled through these photos for inspiration about something to write for my blog! I’ve even recycled some photos, after checking out some easy peasy free retouching videos for a quick tutorial on how to edit photos. Now I can alter the photos so that they look brand new! (And I feel all artsy!)

Let me tell you my personal blog is anything but conventional (no generic content allowed). I can find some really surprising, quirky, fun photos that I can, with some creativity, make it relate to my blog. For example, I had chosen this really cute picture of a raccoon, and ended up using it on a blog about the effects of staying up too late. So these stock photos kinda create this chicken-and-egg effect, and it’s a great way to break free from your blogging routine.

2. Ridiculously Affordable

Stock photography is surprisingly, ridiculously affordable. This is the only way to professional-quality anything for pocket change. For this reason alone you should be considering the unparalleled value of stock photography.

If you’ve ever had to hire a professional photographer, you’ll know that there’s no way you’re getting a photo for $1.

3. Be Unique.

OK, so the one drawback you might be thinking of is that other people may have bought the same photo as you. You’ll notice that most photos have only been bought a handful of times (you can always see how popular a particular photo is). Honestly, with the shmillion blogs out there on the interwebs, the chances of anybody noticing that you and that other guy are using the same photo of some silly hamsters or whatever are pretty slim.

4. Yours to Keep!

Once you buy a royalty-free photo, it’s yours for keeps and you don’t need to credit anybody for it. You can use it and reuse it as many times as you’d like! is particularly great, and my new personal favourite stock photo site. Their website is easy to navigate and to get started on, and they have a ginormous selection all for a good deal less than their competitors. Needless to say, me likey!

Also, don’t forget that you can retouch a digital photo, and alter it slightly to get exactly what you need by cropping the photo, altering the color, etc. This way, even if you’re reusing photos from time to time, you can disguise the fact a little.

5. Your Blog Gains Instant Cred.

Nothing says “I totally know what I’m doing here people” like a website that looks clean, fresh, uncluttered but well adorned with professional quality photos. Photos make or break a website.

You know it’s true. How many times have you quietly navigated away from a site because their overall look was offensive to your eyes? How many times have you rolled your eyes because someone’s blog had a big fat picture of something blurry, date stamped in the corner, some kind of squidgy thing smeared on the lens? Well, I have many-a-time.

I know I’m not the only one who cringes in embarrassment over bad photos online, so lets not insult our customers, and look like fools, with sub-par photos. Especially not when the solution is so easy!
About the Author:

Author Bio: James Martell is a self-taught Internet entrepreneur and success full-time affiliate marketer since 1999. He has successfully taught how to earn extra income for over a decade through his ebooks, podcasts, live online trainings, and affiliate marketing video tutorials. Also a popular speaker, he has had speaking engagements at Commission Junction University, Affiliate Summit, Digital River Lab and many others. He and his wife Arlene both work from home, living in a Vancouver seaside suburb. Their kids are aged from 16-24.